Ronnessa Brown, Girl CEO

Stories of true grit and determination have always inspired us and these are testament to the unparalleled human capability to emerge a winner against all odds. One such real life story that aptly fits the bill is that of Ronnessa Brown, CEO of Girl CEO and Luxe for Brunch. Ronne Brown is an influencer, an Instagram expert, motivational speaker, thought leader, author, life coach, and a serial entrepreneur. There was a time when the odds were stacked against Ronne Brown, but she dared to dream and transformed her challenges into opportunities. She is now a multi-millionaireentrepreneur, who continues to chart new success stories, one after another.

Once a teenage mom, Brown used to work as a janitor to support her three children. As if the challenges were not enough, she lost her job and became entirely dependent on unemployment checks. Such tough circumstances would have broken many people, but Brown persevered and decided to take control of her life. She decided to do something of her own, so that she won’t ever have to be in a position to get fired. In 2009, Brown launched her first venture known as High Heels High Goals, which functioned as a coaching and mentoringplatform for budding women entrepreneurs. In 2014, Brown launched The Millionaire’s Academy, which taught men and women how to be successful in life, improve their income and stay financially independent.

In 2018, Ronne Brown also achieved the tag of a successful author when her book ‘From Mopping Floors to Making Millions on Instagram’ was published and widely appreciated by critics and readers. The book details Brown’s riveting life journey, wherein she followed the “no excuses” mantra to transform herself from a janitor to a millionaire. She credits her success to her ability to monetize Instagram. In the book, Brown tells readers that they too can build theirbrands on Instagram and offers a detailed roadmap to achieve that goal.

Ronne Brown believes that other women like her can also transformtheir challenges into opportunities. She feels that challenges are just a way to identify our strengths and to unlock our true potential. She is committed to helping womenachievetheir goals by working for them as a life coach, motivator and marketer. She says that women will need a good idea, tons of grit and some guidance that she is willing to provide. She defines her exemplary success and her millionaire status with the narrative that someone else writes the beginning of our stories, but how the story ends is entirely up to us. These truly are golden words of wisdom from Ronne Brown, who continues to be an inspiration for thousands of aspiring individuals.

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