Rookie Mistakes Men Need To Avoid In Relationships

Men tend to assume a lot of things about their relationships, which can lead to problems. Sometimes, even when they may not have meant to hurt someone, their childish nature and carelessness may lead to actions that may be deemed inappropriate by their partner. When that happens, even small differences can trigger big fights. If you are new to relationships, here are five rookie mistakes you need to avoid.

Keeping mum: Some men think that by going silent they can win an argument. However, this strategy can easily backfire, as it can be construed as uncaring or insensitive by your partner. If your partner is angry with you, your ‘silent’ mode can make them even more angry and nasty. It’s better to have a discussion and try to sort out differences rather than taking the silent approach.

Pointing mistakes: You may take pride in being a perfectionist, but not all individuals are created equal. If you keep pointing the mistakes of your partner, especially in a harsh manner, they might get angry or get into a depression. You should ignore the small blunders that people make and try to adjust. Even when you point out some mistakes, you should do it in a polite and helpful manner.

Undermining theirimportance: After the initial spark and passion, things start to get mundane between couples. However, this should not be a reason to undermine your partner. You should not take them for granted even when a lot of time may have passed since the relationship started. You should always try to find something exciting in your relationship and appreciate your partner whenever you get the right opportunity.

Making comparisons with your ex: You might think its funny, but comparing your partner with your ex can have consequences. Most women don’t like to be compared with ex-girlfriends, as it breeds jealousy and emotional stress. Your moment of humor can easily turn into a big fight.

Not showing commitment: You enjoy your time with your partner, but don’t like to discuss things about your future. You might just be a carefree person, but when you avoid questions about the future of your relationship, it can be interpreted as if you are uncommitted and uncaring. Such things can make your partner sad and it may harm your relationship.

If you want your relationship to flourish, try not to make the rookie mistakes described above. Respect your partner, love them, care for them, support them and be appreciative. When your expressions are genuine, your relationship will thrive and mature into something extraordinarily beautiful.

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