Telemedicine Companies doing Groundbreaking work in India

The telemedicine industry has rapidly expanded and advanced to meet better and higher healthcare standards, and numerous tech-enabled healthcare businesses have contributed to the development.
With the advanced use of technology and an increasing number of people leaning towards telemedicine in both Urban and Rural areas, Telemedicine is benefiting the country with some professional health experts. Here are some telemedicine companies that have contributed to the growth of the industry:

Tattvan E – Clinic:

Tattvan E- Clinic, one the leading telemedicine companies has contributed to healthcare in both sectors. Tattvan’s main objective is to bridge the gap between patients and doctors in rural and urban areas by taking into account the severe issue of access to doctors in rural areas. They provide accessibility regardless of the patient’s geographic location, they use telemedicine to bridge the gap and connect patients living in rural places to doctors. Tattvan offers accessible medical advice from physicians and other healthcare professionals who work in big cities hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. The other objective of Tattvan is to raise awareness about how telemedicine might be an effective alternative for people who cannot afford to travel to major cities whenever they need to see a doctor.

Apollo Telehealth:

Telemedicine has distinguished itself as one of the key technology developments sweeping the healthcare sector. Telemedicine is assisting healthcare providers to reach places where there is a need, notably those living in rural remote areas of India, and has been prompted by the pandemic to safely deliver and obtain care. The healthcare industry and how we approach treatment delivery are being transformed by telemedicine. These adjustments will make telemedicine more accessible, practical, and efficient in the future years. Most importantly, they will improve the quality of care given to patients across the country.

MedTel Healthcare:

Telemedicine facilities are secure for everybody and everyone willing to give or receive healthcare services with comfort. To spread the word about the efficiency and convenience of these facilities, awareness campaigns are required. They should stress that there is no need for a commute, transportation, or waiting period in order to receive affordable healthcare diagnoses for both acute and chronic ailments. To narrow the healthcare service gap between urban and rural areas, telemedicine is a crucial first step. Telemedicine is greatly assisting the nation due to the advancement of technology and new medical discoveries.


eSanjeevani is a countrywide telemedicine programme that offers an online substitute for traditional in-person consultations. They provide services using PCs, tablets, and cell phones. No matter where they are, doctors can visit patients at home for consultations. This project has earned the title of the largest government-owned telemedicine platform in the world in less than three years. It comprises two verticals that serve patients in all states and UTs, effectively establishing a presence in the interior of the country.


A digital healthcare ecosystem that improves healthcare delivery services and results in better patient care. They provide services such as consulting, diagnostics, health monitoring, preventative health, and more, all of which are underpinned by a patient-centric, data-driven mindset. Their main goals are higher commercial value and increased patient engagement.

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