The Anatomy of Mutual Breakups

First things first – Do mutual breakups really exist or is it just the fancy idea of an idealist? Well, the answer is yes, but mutual breakups are not as commonplace, as they are made out to be. Most stories we read about mutual breakups involve celebrities and other famous people. We read only what is told to us and we can never tell what really happened. Mutual breakups are also occurring among the common people, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you are thinking about mutual breakups, here’s what you need to know.

Not a magic pill: Mutual breakups are being sold as the perfect solution, but they may not work out that way in every case. Relationships make people dependent on each other and it becomes a habit overtime. So, even if the decision is mutual, the dependency and the habit remain. Just like a normal chaotic breakup, people involved in a mutual breakup may need some time to move on. Mutual breakups are neither a magic pill nor an instant solution to your relationship woes.

Differences remain: In any relationship headed towards a breakup, the people involved have a lot of differences with each other. There are unexpressed emotions that work like poison to destroy the relationship. These too remain, irrespective of whether it’s a normal breakup or a mutual breakup. As a matter of fact, a normal breakup may allow people to express themselves more freely, which would release the pent-up emotions. In a mutual breakup, there’s a lot of pretense, which may prevent the release of unexpressed emotions.

For the greater good: A positive aspect of mutual breakups is that they can be effectively used for the greater good. For example, in case of a couple with children, a mutual breakup will ensure that parents don’t fight with other. This will ensure that the children are not exposed to any type of psychological trauma. Mutual breakups may also be done in the interest of other family members, who may be unable to bear the pulls and pressures of a normal breakup. Mutual breakups are also considered when there are financial or legal implications.

Just because the celebrities are doing it and just because it looks perfect and intellectual, should not be a reason for you to choose a mutual breakup. You have every right to express yourself and do things that you feel is right. However, if you feel that a mutual breakup would be most appropriate for people around you, then you can consider it as an option.

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