The Glamorous and Gorgeous Actress and Leading Women Entrepreneur, Nikita Rawal

The “Garam Masala” and “Amma Ki Boli” famed gorgeous diva, Nikita Rawal is in the limelight again. She has been trending recently non-stop. First for getting featured in the October edition of “Woman’s Era” as one of the leading women entrepreneurs and now for her attitude-filled new look photoshoot.

Dressed in black top, black leather jacket and leather pants, Nikita completely owns the look. Her gaze from behind the shades looks confident and her posture and presence is awesome. One look at her would tell anyone that she is not the one to mess around with. She further completed her starry presence with the perfectly ring shaped earrings and pointy black boots.

She can also be seen holding a bomb in her hand and we asked her if it’s real and here is what she said chuckling, “Definitely not. It’s a prop to complete my new look. I have been trying new looks but this definitely takes the cake. I feel confident and feel refreshed with new projects in my bag. Good times, I must say. So, I thought why not celebrate it. And therefore, the experimentation with my look. I hope you all like it because I totally do (laughs).”

The bomb may not be real but she looked no less threatening with that attitude of her. Honestly, if looks could kill then this is it. You go girl.

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