The handy Japanese Rail Pass: Everything you need to know

Europe has its own rail pass called Eurail Pass, similarly, Japan also has its rail pass called ‘Japan Rail Pass’ or JR Pass. Though visiting another country is quite expensive, but, here, Japan took care of our travel budget by providing us with the Japan Rail Pass. Now, we’d like you to give this article a read since it deals with everything you ever need to know about the JR Pass.

What is the Japan Rail Pass?

Basically, the JR Pass is offered by the Japan Railways Group to visitors belonging to the outside of Japan. Purchase of the pass will not only make it cheaper but also make the whole process a lot smoother. And what does it makes cheap? Well, the pass grants unlimited travel by ferry routes, bus lines through some major areas of Japan. The power of the pass is limited to the modes of transportation which come under the umbrella of JR Group.

Online booking for the pass is the best option to go for. Once you order the pass a physical voucher would be delivered to your doorstep by an online distributor or a travel agent. The pass is applied on services such as local trains, Shinkansen, and limited express trains. Inner-city buses and private railways are the areas where you cannot avail the advantage of this pass.

All you need to know about JR Pass

  • Only non-Japanese tourists are capable of taking advantage of the Japan Rail Pass or JR Pass. JR Pass cannot be used by people holding permanent visas, student visas, work visas, trainee visas and entertainer visas.
  • The base price for the pass is fixed and since it’s provided by Japan the money is in Japanese Yen (JPY). You won’t find it anywhere on sale.
  • Confusing between which train is the JR one at a foreign land is common. But the JR services took care of it too. JR logo is printed on the station gates. If you’re unsure even after it, then ask a station staff, they will gladly accompany you.
  • Pre-booking is allowed on limited express trains and shinkansen trains. And the most important thing is, you need to carry your passport 24*7 for using the pass, it is what the rule says. You could be asked by anyone at any time for identification.

Book the passes depending on the planning of your trip. The JR Pass comes with a date that expires within 7, 14 or 21 days.

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