The Importance of Sports for Students of all ages

Every one of us views sports as a way to stay healthy and keep fit. However, its benefits have gone further including both physical and physiological benefits. Nowadays schools and institutions tend to focus more on the area of academics. Students actively do not participate in sports, especially college students. Let’s discuss the key role played by sports in a student’s life and why should we emphasis more in the area of sports.

  • Lets first discuss the most obvious benefit of sports i.e. on health. By burning calories, it reduces the risk of obesity. The performance and endurance of heart muscles improve which lowers the risk of cardiac problem. Since it triggers the use of sugar, Glucose is converted into energy. Also, it fights against cancer and other diseases.
  • Another major quality which needs to be inculcated into a student is Discipline. And with discipline, a student can reach his or her goal without much trouble. While most of the teenagers are busy in doing drugs, a sports student would be busy training with his/her coach. What also gets developed is your time management skills.
  • Social skills of a student are enhanced. Since they get the chance to play in other schools, they get to interact with a lot of people. It even gives the chance to visit other countries because of matches, tournaments, etc. Social and communication skills later help students in their career and relationships. They develop the capability to live with anyone and can survive in any country
  • If you’re aiming for a good career the key to success is teamwork. Sports teaches you that since you need to collaborate with other team members to win. Employers always look for employees who can work together with other employees towards a common goal. When you’re a student, group projects pretty much require the skill of teamwork to be successful.
  • There is leadership in sports. It provides you with the opportunity to become the captain of the team which gives the student skills on how to become a good leader. If you’re aiming at becoming a politician later in life, leadership skill is a must. Top positions in companies are acquired by those having good leadership skills.

Defeat, yes, accepting defeat is one thing that is not possible for everyone. And sports teaches you that early in life. It makes you learn how to lose graciously and accept your mistakes, weakness, fears and rise again from it.

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