Top 3 teacher-training platforms in India

Teaching is viewed as both a job and a passion in India and around the world. A person loses all of the potential to be an effective teacher if they are not sufficiently passionate about learning and teaching. A teacher must be aware of the significance of pupils’ moral and emotional growth in addition to their intellectual progress.

Therefore, you should think about looking at some of the common teacher-training programs available today if you want to become a teacher. The top 3 teacher-training websites are listed below, where educators can enroll in certificate programs to advance their knowledge and perfect their techniques.

Suraasa: An educational technology platform called Suraasa works to improve and grow teachers’ abilities. Through mentoring and skill development, Suraasa, an online learning platform, aims to enhance job opportunities for teachers and promote teacher growth. Getting internationally recognized credentials and training. Developing professional skills with the help of worldwide teacher educators’ engaging and practical pedagogy Getting guidance from our own specialists to create their own professional vision and goals. Discover high-paying job openings at prestigious universities across the world. They provide courses such as the Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL). The Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL) is a UK Level 6 teaching qualification designed to help teachers accelerate their professional growth and be successful in creating a high-impact teaching and learning experience in their classrooms. This certificate was developed in collaboration with thousands of teachers and industry experts with the goal of providing instructors with 21st-century teaching skills to teach millennials.

Teachable: One of those platforms for teachers in India to create the ideal online course for their pupils is called Teachable. Teachable encourages you to instruct students in a manner in which you would have liked to be instructed. With this guiding principle, they provide you with all you require, including limitless video bandwidth and as many courses as you wish to offer to the students. Teachable offers the proper resources to make the lessons engaging and engaging. It provides them a platform from which they may instruct numerous pupils in a variety of disciplines.

Firki – You must love teaching and possess the necessary subject-matter expertise in the given field in order to be able to teach. There is another online teacher education platform called Firki. In collaboration with other organizations, Firki provides asynchronous and synchronous learning experiences through courses, webinars, learning pathways, online learning circles, and curated resources. It is a free, world-class online teacher education platform that supports and celebrates all parts of your position as a teacher.

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