Top jobs you can start without a college degree in the United States

If you ever meet people in the U.S with a job and getting salary up to $75,000 a year without a college degree don’t be surprised. Keep aside the worries of college life with a student loan. The key area is how to find such jobs and what to prepare for them. Here we’ve shortlisted top jobs that you can start without a college degree in the United States.

  1. Detectives and criminal investigators

These law enforcement officers gather facts and collect pieces of evidence for criminal cases by examining records, conducting interviews. Usually, they observe the suspects’ activities. Specifically, they are specialized in fraud or homicide and work on the case until it’s dropped. At the least, a diploma in high school is required to get the job of a detective.

  1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

The job of a diagnostic medical sonographer or an ultrasound technician is to work by following the direction of a physician and produce ultrasound images for patients. You can get a job in medical centres, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and laboratories. For getting the job various one-year certificate programs are available. There is no need to have a bachelor’s degree.

  1. Commercial pilots

Commercial pilots are the people handling unscheduled activities of the flight, such as charter flights, aerial tours and aerial applications. They are also known as transport company executives or corporate pilots. Typically they are responsible for non-flight duties such as loading luggage, scheduling flights, and regulating the maintenance of aircraft. What you need for acquiring the job is a high school diploma and license of a commercial pilot.

  1. Power plant operators

Controlling and maintaining the machinery that is used to generate and distribute electricity among generators sums up the job of a power plant operator. Depending on the time, they correct the voltage to meet the fluctuating demands of the consumer. Several years of training on-site and a high school diploma degree is all that you need to become a power plant operator.

  1. Service Delivery Analyst

Their job is to ensure that clients receive services of high-quality. He/She analyzes the services are delivered and work towards the improvement of the service. Technological know-how is a must since they use software to track the efficiency and quality of the experience of the users. At least 3 years of experience is required in the field of industry with the knowledge of service delivery to get the job.

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