Top haunted items all over the world and the associated stories

Graveyards and abandoned houses are not the only things that are invaded by supernatural beings, objects can be haunted too. The main motive behind discussing the objects that are haunted is, you must take measures as not to bring these objects into your house else tragic incidents will likely follow. Most of you must have rolled your eyes as the skeptical minds take over; but, the stories of objects being haunted in no joke. Let’s talk about the top haunted items and the associated stories that are believed to be real.

  1. The wedding dress of Anna Baker: Anna Baker was the third-born child of an ironmaster in Alleghany Furnace. She fell in love with a local steelworker and the couple sealed bonds of engagement in secrecy. When Anna’s father –Elias Baker found out about his daughter being engaged, he forbade the marriage as the man Anna loved was too low-class for her. However, the wedding dress that Anna had bought went unworn. After Anna died in the year 1914, the dress was preserved in the historic museum for quite some time before the horrifying activities related to the dress were exposed. More often than not, people have noticed the sleeves of the dress fluttering, while the matching slippers tapped, this proved the existential ghostly relativity of the wedding dress.
  2. Robert The Doll: Robert Eugene Otto was an artist of the West. He was addressed by the name “Gene” by his family members. When Gene was just four years old he was gifted with a toy that wore a sailor’s dress and looked more lively than usual. Gene named the doll as “Robert”. Just after the doll had entered into the house, paranormal activities followed. Gene’s parents often found him talking and giggling with an unknown person with a deep voice. Even after the doll was removed from the house a small figure moving from one window to another was noticed in Gene’s house.

The Dybbuk Box: “The Possession” released in the year 2012 is based on the story of a true incident. The Dybbuk Box that originally belonged to a Jewish woman once was possessed by a man from Portland, Oregon in the year 2001. The Jewish woman had given fair warnings to the man as not to open the box at any cost; but, the man did otherwise and haunted activities simultaneously followed.

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