Top Paying Ground Jobs In Aviation Sector

When we look at the aviation sector, most of us usually think about jobs such as pilot or cabin crew. It’s true that these are high paying jobs and considered quite glamorous and upscale. However, these are not the only high paying jobs available in the aviation sector. There are various office jobs in the aviation sector that command good remuneration. To understand the options, let’s take a look at some of the top paying ground jobs in aviation sector.

Director of program management – You will be overseeing multiple projects, track their progress and ensure that they are within predetermined budget. You will be providing the necessary support and guidance to individual project managers who will be reporting to you directly. A director of program management can apply for jobs with airline companies, airplane manufacturing companies or aerospace organizations such as NASA. The average salary is around USD 157,000 for a director of program management.

Project engineer – These individuals can be tasked with various responsibilities such as finding solutions for aviation problems, creating prototypes of new components / products, develop aerospace machinery such as communication equipment, and prepare feasibility reports. Project engineers should have thorough knowledge of the various safety regulations mandated by government agencies. The average salary is approximately USD 97,000 for a project engineer working in aviation / aerospace industry.

Air traffic controller – An air traffic controller’s primary responsibility is to guide planes in the air and on the ground. All movements of flights and their take-off and landings are managed by the air traffic controller. They also alert pilots in case the flight is on the path of another aircraft. Information about approaching weather is also passed on to pilots. The job of an air traffic controller can be both exciting and stressful. Average salary is around USD 89,000 for an air traffic controller.

Aircraft maintenance manager – The primary role is to oversee maintenance technicians who carry out maintenance work on aircrafts. An aircraft maintenance manager should have thorough knowledge of the mandated maintenance norms and protocols. They should be able to provide the necessary help to technicians, as and when needed. They are also tasked with providing training to maintenance employees. Average salary is around USD 86,000 for an aircraft maintenance manager.

Airplane inspector – These individuals are responsible for keeping planes and their passengers safe. Airplane inspectors carry out regular inspections of planes, as per predetermined schedules. They are trained to spot problems and anomalies and recommend solutions including repair or replacement. They also communicate with pilots and cabin crew to understand any unusual happenings experienced during the flight. Average salary is around USD 65,000 for an airplane inspector.

Based on your education and skills, you can apply for any of these ground jobs in aviation sector. Aviation is an exhaustive field and it cannot be limited to being a pilot or cabin crew. With these ground jobs, you can easily follow your passion for aviation.

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