Turkish craftsmanship sets the benchmark for design and quality at India International Furniture Fair

Spanning over 3 days, the India International Furniture Fair effectively won over its visitors. The fourth edition of the IIFF, which took place from December 2–4, welcomed more than 4000 attendees to the International Expo Center in Noida.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022:The fourth edition of the India International Furniture Fair (IIFF), organized by EFEEXIM, managed by Trescon, supported by the Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders (AFMT), and association partners KreateCube & New Timber Market Dealers Association (Regd), set the stage for international brands to enter the Indian market.

The three-day exclusive furniture exhibition provided a wonderful chance for national brands to gain global exposure while also presenting premium Turkish brands to the Indian market.

ErcanGuzel, CEO, Modelin and Chairperson of Antakya Furniture, shares his views on the Indian furnishing market,“There are a total of 40 members in this group. The Antakya association exports furniture all over the world.

In India, their products are designed first and foremost for the local market. Visitors praised Modelin’s design and products today. People come to India’s open market to buy products for their homes, not for business-to-business transactions. We expect more products to be exported to India as a group, as a company and as individuals from this fair, and we also hope to expand the Turkish furniture industry in the Indian market.”

The IIFF proved not just the biggest and most-prestigious furniture trade fair in India, but also the most-awaited one. Visitors were offered a unique chance to discover more than 50 international-standard brands all under one roof. Additionally, visitors were introduced to recently released products and innovations in the furniture industry.

OguzGurdamar, Chairman of EFEEXIM FZE, on his association with Trescon,“This has been a very long journey for us in the Indian market. We have been on this journey since 2015. We conducted three editions after EFEEXIM and Trescon staged the inaugural event in Mumbai in 2017. After that, we noticed that we had a lot of visitors from Delhi, so we made the decision to come to Delhi and showcase our innovations. The initial phase in Delhi has been wonderful. Markets have shown appreciation, and from what I can tell, our people are thrilled to be in this position right now.”

IIFF also played a major role in laying the foundation and developing trade ties between Turkey and India. By connecting the reputable and top-tier furniture producers in Turkey with the quickly expanding market in India. Additionally, Turkey’s tourism and hospitality industries are projected to grow because of this surge in Indian furniture demand.

“IIFF helped the Indian consumer receive market previews from veterans in their respective fields. It also provided a great platform to understand the changing dynamics of the market and how best one can capitalize on these dynamics to their benefit. IIFF helped provide a great venue to evaluate potential business prospects and collaborations between two thriving nations. We would like to thank all our Partners & Supporting Associations for making this event a reality and helping us bridge the gap between multiple countries for their furniture business,”Mithun Shetty, CEO, Trescon.

The event was supported by:

• Supporting Partner:Association of Furniture Manufacturers & Traders (AFMT)
• Association Partner- KreateCube | New Timber Market Dealers Association
Some of the biggest furniture manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, and architects from Turkey & India graced the IIFF arena. They included:
• Messoni
• İpekMobilya
• İparDışTicaret Ltd Şti
• Heritage India
• ÇorapçılarMobilya
• Kapan Furniture &Accesories
• Need Design
• Arreda
• Elegancia
• Turkish Furniture
• Tugra Hali
• UG Mobilya San Tic Ltd Sti
• Weavers
• LalsImpexPvt. Ltd.
• Space Edge
• Studio Svelte
• H M I Manufacturing
• Rielto Lifestyle
• Badshah Marketing
• Sai Furniture Art
• MBM India Pvt. Ltd.
• Osso Home MobilyaKoltuk San Tic ltd
• EnisMobilyakoltuktekstil San Tic ltd
• Ersa
• Modis Sofa MobilyaSanVe Tic L.t.d. S.t.i
• Yatas Group Enza Home
• G.K GucluKimyaMobilyaTeks Mob aksithihr San Tic Ltd
• Torun KardeşlerMobilyaLtd.şti
• Modelin Furniture
• Aracikan
• Premier Furnishing Company
• Hubble Space
• Liv Concept
• Gümüşev
• TemizsoyMobilya
• Fermina Furniture
• HadraAvangardMobilya
• ŞehbalMobilya
• İpek Home Concept
• Twins Life
• Wossew Premium Sofa
• EzzaMobilya
• Moduse
• Rapido
• Architecture & Interior Panorma
• New Timber Market Dealers Association
• Surfaces Reporter Magazine
• Kreatecube
• Home City Interiors
• Elan Wood
• SKF Decor
• Home India
• Osin Enterprises

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