What Happens If Alcohol Is Directly Injected Into Blood?

Alcohol abuse is a major problem across the globe. Things become even more problematic when people start taking extreme measures to get high. One such method is injecting alcohol directly into the bloodstream. This is similar to how physicians give intravenous injection to patients.

There can be various reasons why people may want to inject themselves with alcohol. It can be an attempt to cheat a breathalyzer test, hide the smell of alcohol in your mouth or just to get drunk faster. Irrespective of the reason, it is to note that injecting alcohol directly in the bloodstream can be extremely dangerous and likely to prove fatal as well. To understand the risks, here is a look at what happens if alcohol is directly injected into the blood.

Loss of control – When alcohol is directly injected into the blood, it quickly reaches the brain. This results in total loss of sense and control. It clouds the individual’s thinking, which in turn can prompt the individual to demonstrate risky behavior. In comparison, alcohol consumed normally takes time to reach the brain.

Risk of infection – Even injecting medicines into the blood carries the risk of infection. So, such risks are there when injecting alcohol as well. While healthcare professionals take adequate precautions while giving intravenous medicines, the same may not be true for people injecting themselves with alcohol.

Damage to veins – Injecting alcohol in the blood can damage the veins. Other parts of the body could also get damaged. It can slow the heart rate and breathing rate, which in turn can lead to coma and death.

Internal bleeding – When alcohol is directly injected into the blood, it can result in internal bleeding. This can lead to sudden death.

Immune response – The alcohol used can have impurities in it. When alcohol is consumed normally, the body removes the impurities before alcohol enters the bloodstream. But this is not possible when the alcohol is directly injected into blood. Depending on the impurities, a life-threatening immune response can occur.

As is evident from above, injecting alcohol directly into the blood can be extremely dangerous. It can also be a highly addictive activity. You should absolutely say no to such possibilities and ask others to do the same. Alcohol is meant to be consumed via the mouth, from where it can be processed by the digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. The digestive system will also remove any impurities and microorganisms that may be present.

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