What Women Love Most About Sex?

When it comes to sex, there are quite a few misconceptions about what women like and don’t like about sex. There are also differing opinions, as not every woman can have the same set of preferences about sex. However, the majority of women do have certain specific things they like about sex, which are described below.

Foreplay: This is essential for a woman to get into the mood for sex. It will involve all the acts of making out such as kissing, suckling, nibbling, snogging and frenching. It is also important for men to learn to do this right, as being sloppy can be a disappointment for women.

Being naked: Women like cuddling and lying down with their partners in their birthday suits. For women, this is a desirable thing both before and after sex. Being naked works as an arousal for women and it sets the stage for an intense round of sex.

Stimulation of clitoris: This is an important part of foreplay and is truly enjoyed by most women. However, men need to learn to do it right. The woman can certainly guide their partner to do things right, but men should also do their homework by researching online resources about stimulation of clitoris.

Seeing her man get aroused: Women like to see their man get a hard-on. It could be noticed visually or by sensing it with their hands or other body parts. It gives women satisfaction that they are the reason for their partner’s arousal.

Eye contact: Women like their partners to maintain eye contact during sex. It’s not that eye contact should be maintainedcontinuously, but it should be there when passions run high, during intense moments, and at the time of orgasm. Eye contact helps establish a deepemotional connect and makes sex a lot more passionate and pleasurable.

Being on top: This gives women more control over the angle of penetration and rhythm, motion and intensity of thrusts. The feeling of being in control works as a good arousal for women.

Orgasm: As compared to men, it’s relatively difficult for women to reach orgasm. But when it happens, it’s the most ecstatic feeling that a woman ever experiences. Men and women should both aim to reach orgasm simultaneously, which would constitute as the perfect ending to a passionate round of sex.

As things may differ from women to women, men may need to consult their partners about their likes and dislikes. Such conversations will also help the couple to get into the mood for sex.




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