What Women Think When They Masturbate

Masturbation is a great stress reliever and it has also shown to boost self-esteem among women. As long as it is done within reasonable limits and there’s nothing weird or abnormal about it, masturbation can provide the desired release ofpent-up emotions. So, what do women actually think when they masturbate? Is it the same as men or is it something else? A recent research study focused on finding answers to these questions and here are the results.

Fantasizing: More than half of women who were surveyed said that they fantasized when they wanted to masturbate. The exact fantasy differed from women to women. Some women said that they created fictional sexual fantasy in their minds whereas others said that they thought about a real person, other than their partner. Some women fantasized about the complete story, everything from foreplay to sex, whereas other women said that they just thought about someone having sex with them.

Porn: More than one-third of women said that they watched adult content to get into the right mood to masturbate. Most of these women said that they watched ethical and feminist adult content, which did not involve anyone getting hurt or harassed.

Past experiences: Around 20 percentof women said that sometimes they think about one of their past sexual experiences. These experiences were either related to their past loves or involved a passionate session of love making that was hugely satisfying and unforgettable. Most of these women did not experience any guilt when they fantasized about someone other than their current partner. Most women were okay with the idea that masturbation provides opportunities that may be difficult to find in the real world. Fantasizing about someone else whilemasturbating also does away with the need for societalacceptance.

Erotic Stories: More than 10 percent of women said that they read erotic stories to get into the mood to masturbate. Most of these women utilized erotic stories that were available online.

Music: Around 4 percent of women said that listening to theirfavorite music helped them get into the mood to masturbate. This appears to be the least popular choice for women when they want to masturbate.

The research study also revealed that more than 80 percent of women used a vibrator and around 40 percent had a dildo. It reveals that an increasing number of women now accept masturbation as normal and that they are willing to try new things to gain new experiences.

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