Which US State Has Highest Alien Encounters?

Thousands of UFO sightings are reported in the United States every year. Even though the US government and military may not officially accept the presence of aliens, regular sightings by people point to a completely different story. No one can certify the presence of aliens. But what about experiences that people have reported?

When talking about UFO sightings, it is noted that some states have a higher incidence of such cases. Nobody knows why, although there are many theories. To get a better idea, here is a look at US states that have higher incidence of UFO sightings.

California – As per the database maintained by the National UFO Reporting Center, California has the highest number of UFO sightings. As of now, the total number of UFO sightings in California is more than 15,700. This is higher than the total of UFO sightings reported across the globe. It is not exactly known why aliens seem to prefer the state of California. If you have interest in alien beings, California is probably the best place to try your luck in spotting a UFO.

Florida – The second US state with the most UFO sightings is Florida. Total number of UFO sightings in Florida till date are more than 8,000. One of the most talked about UFO sightings was the Gulf Breeze UFO incident. These sightings were reported between late 1987 to early 1988. The reports were first published in the Gulf Breeze Sentinel newspaper. The topic was intensely debated, with supporters on both sides.

Washington – The state of Washington comes third in terms of UFO sightings. Total number of reported UFO cases in Washington is currently more than 7,000. Some very sensational UFO sightings have been reported from Washington. One of the earliest was the Maury Island incident in 1947. This was one of the earliest reported UFO sightings in the state. Another widely publicized UFO case in Washington was the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting in 1947. This too occurred on Maury Island.

Texas – At number four in UFO sightings is Texas. Close to 6,000 UFO incidents have been reported in Texas till date. One of the earliest reported cases was the Lubbock Lights in 1951. This was a V-shaped formation of lights noticed in the sky in the town of Lubbock, Texas. Another major UFO sighting in Texas was the Cash-Landrum incident in 1980. Eye witnesses had claimed that their health deteriorated after the incident. The matter was even pursued in a civil court.

New York – This is the fifth US state in terms of total number of UFO incidents. The number of reported cases till date is more than 5,700. One of the most talked about UFO incidents was the one reported by leading musician John Lennon. According to John and their assistant, they had seen a craft with changing lights when they were at their Manhattan penthouse. A reference to this incident was later included in John’s song “Nobody Told Me”.

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