Which Is The Rarest Thing In The World?

Our earth is the most diverse in terms of flora and fauna, natural resources, water bodies, geological formations, etc. Our earth is also home to some of the rarest things one will ever come across. Some of these are so rare that it may be difficult to locate them even in our nearby star systems. To fix your curiosity, here’s a look at some of the rarest things in the world.

Bismuth Crystals – An element with atomic number 83, Bismuth finds applications in pigments, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. While there are many compounds of Bismuth, the one that is most rare is Bismuth Crystals. These have a unique stair-shaped and spiraling structure, which is quite extraordinary to look at. As oxides of different thickness form on the surface, Bismuth Crystals display a vibrant mix of rainbow colors.

Rainbow Eucalyptus – Most of us may have seen Eucalyptus trees. However, it is unlikely that you would have come across a Rainbow Eucalyptus tree. Until of course, you live in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea. Even at these locations, finding a Rainbow Eucalyptus will be difficult. That’s because the tree is usually found in dense rainforest. It is called so due to its multi-colored bark.

Kyawthuite – A rare mineral, Kyawthuite is also categorized as a natural bismuth antimonate. Kyawthuite was found near Mogok in Myanmar. This region is known to have deposits of various types of gemstone minerals. However, in the case of Kyawthuite, only one sample has been found till date. It is kept at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Dragon’s Blood Tree – This is found primarily in the Socotra archipelago, which is part of Yemen. It is called as such because of its red-colored sap. The tree is also known for its unique shape, resembling an umbrella. The red sap is considered to have medicinal properties. It is used for various purposes such as stimulant, astringent and as an abortifacient and carminative.

Blood waterfall – This geological phenomenon can be seen in East Antarctica. The blood waterfall is located in the McMurdo Dry Valleys. The red-colored waterfall occurs when iron rich liquid surfaces and comes into contact with oxygen. The oxidation gives it a red color. It looks quite grotesque in the backdrop of white icy landscape.

Diquís Spheres – These giant stone balls can be found on the Diquís Delta and on Isla del Caño, located in Costa Rica. These are considered to be the creation of the extinct Diquís culture. Experts believe that these stones lined up the passage that led to the houses of the tribal leaders. However, their exact purpose is not known.

Boulder opal – This unique boulder-shaped opal is found in the Koroit opal field located in Paroo Shire in South West Queensland, Australia. The multi-colored opal has gained widespread popularity in recent years. The opal is extracted via both open mining and underground operations.

Glowing forest – Some of what you may have seen in Avatar movies may actually be real. For example, in a forest located in Shikoku, Japan, the earth has glowing mushrooms all around. These create a luminescent ambiance, which seems quite like an alien planet.

Blue beach – A marvel of nature can be seen on Vaadhoo Island, located in the Maldives. The blue waves are created due to a naturally occurring chemical reaction called bioluminescence. It is triggered by small sea species known as Phytoplankton.

Volgograd Discs – These disc shaped rocks can be found in Russia’s Volgograd region. Many believe them to be remnants of UFO’s used by alien species visiting earth. However, geological experts believe that Volgograd Discs are natural formations. But their perfect disc shape still intrigues many.

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