Who Cheats More – Men Or Women?

It is generally believed that men are more unfaithful to their partners than women. So, is that true? Well, if we look at data from various surveys, the number of men who cheat is higher than that of women. However, before you jump to conclusions, it is important to note that things have changed dramatically over the last century. Moreover, there are various other factors that make it difficult to truly assess who is more unfaithful. Here are some insights that might provide vital clues as to who cheats more – men or women.

Unfaithfulness is nature’s design – Surely, many will frown if we compare humans to animals. But, whether we want to accept it or not, the truth is that both male and female are just trying to create a better offspring. All the pain and pleasure that happens in between is just a byproduct. Essentially, both men and women are designed to be unfaithful. Whether they do it or not depends on their willingness to break social norms. Take note that things like marriage and faithfulness are human inventions and not nature’s design.

No longer a cave woman – In the 21st century, women have almost equal opportunities for their professional career or business. As they explore the outside world, it increases the probability of finding a better partner. This is why unfaithful among women is rising and is close to that of men. An ongoing survey reveals that around 67% of men interviewed accepted to cheating, as compared to around 53% of women. In earlier times, it was men who were the primary explorers and more likely to bump into someone better.

Men’s braggadocio – It is widely known that men brag more than women. Whether it’s telling stories to friends or responding to survey questions, men are likely to amplify their experiences. What is told in surveys may not actually be revealing the true picture. Gathering solid evidence in such cases is not possible, so one has no option other than to believe in people’s words. It is possible that many men who have been part of anonymous surveys may have lied about their being unfaithful to their partner.

Keeping secrets – Gossiping is higher among women than men. However, when it comes to keeping secrets about their affair, women seem to do a better job than men. One reason is that women may be at a greater risk of physical, emotional and financial harm if their affair is discovered by their partner. Women connect at a deeper level and are emotionally stronger than men. They are unlikely to get drunk and spill the beans about their ongoing affair.

The above factors indicate that men and women may be equally predisposed to cheating their partner. Data may show men to be more unfaithful, but it may not be true in reality. So, keep these factors in mind before you judge someone.

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