Why JML School Believes Co-Scholastic Activities are Essential for Fostering Diversity

Education, in these times, is more about giving learners the ability to pick up skills and adapt quickly and effortlessly to the ever-evolving environment, in their personal lives as well as their careers. Co-scholastic activities, which include extracurricular activities like sports, arts, debates, and cultural programs, play a vital role in achieving this goal. It is through these engagements that students develop a host of life skills, which may not be possible within the four walls of a classroom. Although co-scholastic activities have been a part of the education system for some time now, the growing competition and changing trends have further contributed to their popularity.

At JML School, we believe that it is essential to introduce students to different facets of learning and co-scholastic activities are essential for fostering diversity among students. We encourage our students to participate in a variety of activities to broaden their horizons and explore their passions. And, this is exactly where co-scholastic activities gain relevance in establishing the holistic growth of students. Below are some of the reasons why we believe these activities are essential for fostering diversity:

Promoting Social Interaction: Co-scholastic activities allow students to interact with one another in a setting that is not academic. This helps students to develop social skills and build relationships with students from different backgrounds and across age groups. By participating in activities with others who have different interests, abilities, and cultural backgrounds, students learn to respect and appreciate diversity and end up interacting with one another, exchanging ideas, and finding a voice for themselves.

Encouraging Creativity: These activities provide students with an outlet for their creative abilities in an environment where they are not being judged or assessed. Art, music, and drama programs allow students to explore their creativity and develop new skills. This encourages students to think outside the box, develop new ideas, and express themselves in unique ways.

Developing Leadership Skills: Extracurricular activities also provide opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. This allows them to develop leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving which are essential for success in all aspects of life.

Building Confidence: Participating in co-scholastic activities can also help students to build self-confidence. When students excel in an activity they enjoy, it gives them a sense of achievement and boosts their self-esteem. This is key to greater success in academic and personal pursuits.

Encouraging Physical Fitness: Sports and other physical activities help students to maintain good health and develop a positive attitude towards fitness. Students maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop a positive body image. Additionally, physical activity is a great way to relieve stress and improve mental health.

In conclusion, co-scholastic activities provide opportunities for students to interact with one another, learn to develop different perspectives towards things and build new skills, and confidence. Moreover, students come to understand that there is more to life than just academics, books and grades. The idea is to help them diversify their interests across various channels. In this process, they end up picking up a few vital skills that can make a difference in their lives not only during their growing years but also when they head out to the outside world to create a place and recognition for themselves.

With the same vision, we at JML School, have been adding value to the lives of our students by introducing them to diverse extra-curricular activities like sports, music, drama, debate, and cultural programs which will help in their holistic growth. And this makes students’ participation in co-scholastic activities indispensable. We have always aimed to make education fun for our students and with this objective in mind, we continuously strive to come up with new-age activities while still polishing the already existing ones. With more than 18 clubs on campus that cater to various interests, also serves as the perfect outlet to express their hidden skills and hone their talents.

JML Clubs at a Glance:

ASTRONOMY CLUB – The club is envisioned to instil knowledge of the endless universe and learn about the different elements in it. It guides students in the quest to delve deep into the study of astronomy and open their minds scientifically. It also enables them to think and apply their knowledge and bring new and innovative ideologies.

NATURE CLUB – With a vision to bring students closer to the pulse of nature, the club educates students on the conservation of India’s diverse ecosystems and environmental sustainability. Students are also given access to the natural world around them to develop a lasting connection with the health of the planet.

SCRABBLE CLUB – To help students improve their vocabulary, find meanings of new words, identify the part of the speech or even add a prefix/suffix to the word, the Scrabble club not only makes learning fun but also enriches their cognitive skills.

THE FUNNY BONES CLUB – Laughter serves as an antidote to stress levels allowing students to reduce their discomfort and look at the brighter side of life. In this club, students share enjoyable moments with a peer group while engaging themselves in different activities which spreads genuine happiness.

CODING CLUB – Focuses on explaining to the students the importance of coding and the process of creating a website using various tools. Students also get the opportunity to discuss their ideas and come up with innovative ways to create a website.

QUIZ CLUB – Our Quiz Club has been quite efficient in igniting young minds to consistently raise the bar in Quizzing. The students are motivated to seek knowledge, broaden their horizons, and be confident enough to take on greater challenges in the quizzing sphere.

VOCATIONAL CLUB- Students are briefed on various aspects of vocation which includes carpentry, electrical work, gardening, first aid techniques, and hemming. The club aims to help students learn practical skills that they can use to become self-reliant.

FINANCIAL LITERACY CLUB – This club educates students on the value of how to earn money. It holds discussions about the stock market and various methods for raising finance. Students also get to learn about financial vocabulary and enhance their knowledge of the banking sector. The club’s main purpose is to inculcate the knowledge of business in students and help them take another step towards financial literacy.

ART & CRAFT CLUB – Helps students develop imagination, creative thinking, and self-expression. They also learn new techniques and mediums of crafting through hands-on activities like Origami, Marble painting and Jewelry making..

PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB – The club aims to empower students to become self-assured communicators who are capable of effectively interacting with both their local community and the wider world. Through participation, students will learn essential skills such as speech preparation, delivery, body language, audience engagement, and effective conclusion techniques, all while maintaining a strong connection with their audience.

GROOMING AND AESTHETIC CLUB – The Grooming and Aesthetics Club educates students on self-care and presentation. Activities include exercises on body posture, roleplay for basic etiquettes, and demonstrations on draping sarees/dupattas, knotting ties, coordinating outfits, nail art, and hairstyles. The Club aims to equip students with essential knowledge and skills to maintain personal hygiene, present themselves confidently and appropriately, and express their unique sense of style.

Besides these clubs, JML also has debate, science, rapid math, Sanskriti & film appreciation, gardening, cooking, book lovers clubs and many more where students collaborate, learn and perform confidently and independently. JML strongly believes that now when young minds are stepping out into the outside world with renewed confidence to take on all challenges, they must be provided with the required support and guidance.

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