Best 5 restaurants in the USA

A special occasion calls for good food. But it’s very difficult to find good food with a soothing ambience. The concept of a good restaurant includes lip-smacking food, the service, the ambience and affordable price. To help you with finding the best restaurant, we’ve put together the best 5 restaurants in the USA.

  1. Hog Island Oyster Company
  • One of the best restaurants in the United States is Hog Island. Customers say this restaurant of San Francisco is best for the locals and tourists alike.
  • Though the queue is long and tiring, the wait is worth it.
  • You can figure out its special dish from the name of the restaurant itself.
  • They serve different types of luscious fresh oysters suitable for both dinner or lunch.
  1. Pane & Vino
  • In the Miami Beach, Pane & vino is the best restaurant for spending some quality time.
  • And the signature dish is the fresh pasta served there.
  • If you go through the reviews, you can figure out how good their service is. In dessert, tiramisu is a must-try.
  • The eatery is famous for providing friendly service, great atmosphere, and affordable rate.
  • They also provide a plethora of gluten-free and vegetarian options which makes it an amazing place for dinner.
  1. Phil’s BBQ
  • If you fancy BBQ food, you should head to this place which is situated in San Diego.
  • There’s a lot of chaos at this place which signifies the quality of food and service.
  • Though you need to wait for some time for the table, the staff of the restaurant is quite friendly.
  • The size and quality of the restaurant provide the customers with the opportunity to rave about it.
  • When compared to other BBQ restaurants, this restaurant is not much greasy.
  1. Chez Panisse
  • Chez Panisse is considered to be the crowd-pleaser of the United States which is famous for serving dishes made with organic, local foods.
  • This restaurant uses California style for cooking their dishes.
  • The menu keeps changing with the change of season.
  • Mondays come with regional and more rustic dishes, Tuesday-Thursday is reserved for four-course meals. Saturdays and Fridays present more elaborate four-course meals.
  • The owner has won awards such as Best Restaurant of the USA in 2001 and the Lifetime Achievement Award of 2007.
  • The restaurant is a two-storeyed. The upper one is more priced than the lower one.
  1. NoMad
  • From Berber and Moroccan to French, NoMad features every dish. And if you ask for the most popular dish, its phyllo dough and tajine with other numerous couscous dishes.
  • The decoration is eye-soothing as well which includes Tunisian and Moroccan murals and art, walls created with stucco, copper lamps and an enclosed garden which lets people enjoy the food there.
  • This lets people experience a culture that’s quite different from the common culture of the people of the United States.

Bottom Line:

We hope this guide has solved your headache of finding the best restaurant for a diner. The above-mentioned restaurants cover every factor that is required to become the best restaurant.



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