Bhuvan Bam confirms ‘Dhindora’ Season 2 to be a full fledged romantic comedy around Titu Mama

BB Ki Vines, the popular YouTube channel known for its humorous and relatable content, celebrates its 9th anniversary today. Bhuvan Bam, the creative genius behind the channel, has delighted fans with a special announcement regarding the much-anticipated second season of ‘Dhindora.’

In a heartfelt video shared on his social media platforms recently, Bhuvan Bam reflected on the incredible journey of BB Ki Vines over the past nine years. He expressed gratitude to his loyal fanbase for their unwavering support. The highlight of the video was a glimpse into the scripting process of ‘Dhindora’ Season 2, which has left fans eagerly speculating about the official release of the new season. Now the season 2 of the show is confirmed and It’s centered around Titu Mama. We might see Kavita Mami’s avatar like never seen before.

“Celebrating nine years of BB Ki Vines is a significant milestone, and what better way to commemorate this occasion than by sharing a sneak peek into ‘Dhindora’ Season 2,” said Bhuvan Bam in his video. “We are currently in the middle of almost finalising the script and are in talks with platforms for making it happen and to make the show bigger than before and reach a bigger audience with a platform. It’s a full romance comedy drama around Titu mama and his life”.

‘Dhindora’ Season 1 was a massive success, garnering millions of views and widespread acclaim for its unique storytelling and engaging characters. The announcement of a second season has been met with tremendous excitement from fans who are eager to see what new adventures and comedy await.

A source close to the project confirmed, “Bhuvan Bam is indeed writing the script for ‘Dhindora’ Season 2. Given the success of the first season, the team is committed to delivering an even more entertaining and memorable experience for viewers.”

‘Dhindora 1’ garnered half a billion views and was supported by the likes of SS Rajamouli, Hrithik Roshan, Ram Charan & others. It was also the first for a creator to make a show with his characters.

As BB Ki Vines marks this remarkable anniversary, it serves as a perfect occasion to reconnect with fans and assure them that ‘Dhindora’ Season 2 is on its way.

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