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Which Is Longest Word In English Language?

Languages can be fun and difficult to learn at the same time. Some common challenges faced include getting the spelling right, pronunciation and grammar. When learning a language, one also has to deal with the seemingly insurmountable task of comprehending the thousands of words. Just look at a thick dictionary and you will know the challenges therein. Things become even ... Read More »

Incredibly Artistic, Innovatively Educating, and Scientifically Informative Board Game – Shastranga – Untold Secrets

Jodhpur, Rajasthan: The credit behind developing the brilliantly articulated Board game, Shastranga – Untold Secrets, goes to Mr. Triveen Nair. Shastranga is his second project in the line of success. His first project was historical fiction and a thriller genre book called “Land and Seekers”. The book talks about a least mentioned but the most significant year in Indian history-death ... Read More »

Which Is Dumbest Country In The World?

As countries vary dramatically based on their economic and technology prowess, it makes us wonder if the combined intelligence of people has to do something with it. While its certainly challenging to determine the intelligence level of people in various countries, we can at least get an idea based on parameters like quality of education, patent applications, internet access, average ... Read More »

Who Is Richest High School Dropout?

It’s true that education plays a key role in an individual’s development and paves the way for a financially rewarding career. However, what is also true is that education is not the sole criteria that determines an individual’s success. There are various examples where individuals have been hugely successful even without completing their education. For evidence, here are some high ... Read More »


With the coming of fall, festive spiritsslowly start enveloping the air all around the world. Chuseok— the Korean thanksgiving, is one of the representative traditional Koreanfestivals celebrated in autumn on full moon of the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. Chuseok, also known as ‘Hangawi’ (한가위), is a mid-autumn harvest festival where families gather and celebrate ... Read More »

Do Astronauts Have Sex In Space?

Among the many unknown aspects about space and astronauts, the one question that often pops up in mind is whether astronauts have sex in space. To put it in a better perspective, is sex even possible in space? And can men get an erection in space and woman be aroused in space? To answer such questions, here are some important ... Read More »

Is American Dollar On The Decline?

With talks about emergence of new super economic powers such as China and even European Union, there have been reports that US dollar may be losing its grip in international trade. It has also been reported that specific countries have started diversifying their foreign exchange reserves instead of relying solely on US dollars. For example, Bank of Israel will be ... Read More »

Which Will Be World’s Largest Religion By 2100

Since several centuries, various religious groups have been working to increase the number of followers across the globe. Various battles have been fought throughout history for religious expansion. It continues even today, although religious expansion is now being triggered via other means as well such as social media influence and monetary incentives. As of now, there are various religions in ... Read More »

Why Maps Show North On Top?

Most objects in this world have their top and bottom properly defined. Just look at your refrigerator, television, car, or even the human body – there’s a clear definition of what’s top and bottom. However, in case of spherical objects such as a tennis ball, how will you define the top and bottom. Clearly, a tennis ball does not have ... Read More »