What Does Your Face Reveal About Your Health?

Medical tests are the best way to identify underlying health conditions. It is recommended that one should undertake a thorough medical examination at least once a year. However, it is also important to know that there are many things that your face can reveal about your health. Just a look in the mirror can reveal vital information about your health. To understand what does your face reveal about your health, here are some important things to know.

Yellowish skin and eyes – This indicates an excess of waste products in your blood. It is technically referred to as jaundice, which can be due to a viral infection. Yellowish skin and eyes can also indicate towards problems with the gallbladder, liver and pancreas. Alcohol abuse can also lead to yellowish skin and eyes.

Sores – If you have sores around the lips and mouth, it can be due to type 1 herpes virus. Such sores may occur when your immune system is not working properly. It can happen when you are stressed, overworked or sick. If you have frequent outbreaks, it will be better to consult a doctor.

Moles – These are usually considered as beauty spots. However, if the moles are showing symptoms of ABCDEs, you will need to consult your doctor. ABCDEs mean Asymmetry in shape of moles, Borders that are rough, Color that is uneven, Diameter larger than a pea and Evolving at a fast pace.

Butterfly rash – If both your cheeks have a rash and it looks like a butterfly, it is likely to be lupus. This occurs when your immune system starts attacking its own tissues and organs. Other symptoms of lupus include stiff joints, fever and cold fingers and hands.

Cracked lips – Many of us have cracked lips during winters. But if you are getting cracked lips more often, it could be a sign of dehydration. An allergic reaction or use of specific steroids can also lead to cracked lips.

Drooping eyelid – This is technically referred to as ptosis or blepharoptosis. Either one or both eyes can be affected. In extreme cases, the individual’s vision may be completely blocked. Some people are born with this condition whereas others might get it later in life. Drooping eyelid is usually harmless, but can indicate to issues with the nerves, brain or eye socket.

Unusual hair growth – In case of younger women getting excessive facial hair, it can indicate towards polycystic ovary syndrome. Women with this condition may have difficulties in getting pregnant.

Yellow spots on eyelids – These are lumps of cholesterol, a condition referred to as Xanthelasma. On its own, yellow spots on eyelids will not cause any harm. Except, of course they do not look so good. But yellow spots on eyelids indicate that you have a higher risk of heart disease.

Loss of facial movement – Any loss of muscle movement should be immediately addressed by a doctor. However, if loss of muscle movement is limited to one side of the face, it can be indicative of Bell’s palsy. This condition is usually caused by a virus. It is not usually serious, but better to consult your doctor.

Reducing eyelashes and eyebrows – If you are losing hair around your eyes and on your head, it can be a sign of alopecia areata. This condition occurs when your immune system starts to attack the hair follicles. You need to consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Puffy eyes – There are various reasons that can lead to puffy eyes. It includes lack of sleep, alcohol, high salt food items, hot and humid weather, allergic reaction and hormonal changes. Age can also be a reason for puffy eyes.

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