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Top 10 weird things found near a lake or a river.

Lakes are not every time considered exciting right. Wait your whole point of view regarding lakes can be changed through this article. Here we are going to discuss some of the weirdest kinds of stuff found near a lake or river. 18TH CENTURY CANNONS AT THE DETROIT RIVER The Detroit rivers obscure contains in it numerous worthy artefacts from old ... Read More »

Top 10 movies that were banned in the US and the reason behind it

Since beginning of the movie industry, films and documentaries somehow get subjected to controversies that lead to its banning from release. Here are the top 10 movies that were banned in the United States as they violated their rules for controversial content. The Profit(2001) The Profit movie was about a cult that conned its followers in the name of religion. ... Read More »

Top 5 Weird Beautiful Airports around the World

No one can deny that in our rapidly developing world airports have become as popular as railway stations. The affordability of air travel is attracting more and more people to various airports. So it will be a pleasant experience if the airport is comfortable. We spend at least a few hours at the airport every time we fly. The airport ... Read More »

Top 5 scariest bridges around the world

Does height make you anxious? Do bridges cause panic and fear? Then there’s a term for you: gephyrophobia. And the condition related to extreme fear of height is termed as acrophobia. We’ve created a list of 5 scariest bridges around the world to give you a feeling of Halloween which will give some at least some butterflies in your chest. ... Read More »

Who Will Be The Next Superpower?

In most parts, 20th century was largely dominated by United States. Even today, United States continues to be most powerful in terms of its economy, technology, military might, international relations and cultural influence. However, things are changing fast in 21st century. Exit from Afghanistan without achieving anything credible and recent Russian attack on Ukraine indicates that US superpower status is ... Read More »

How To Survive A Nuclear Attack?

We live in uncertain times and the world has become riskier with nuclear weapons. A nuclear attack could come from a rogue state or it could be the work of terrorists. We have seen the devastation caused by nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There’s no certainty that something like that will not happen again. It makes us wonder what ... Read More »

The handy Japanese Rail Pass: Everything you need to know

Europe has its own rail pass called Eurail Pass, similarly, Japan also has its rail pass called ‘Japan Rail Pass’ or JR Pass. Though visiting another country is quite expensive, but, here, Japan took care of our travel budget by providing us with the Japan Rail Pass. Now, we’d like you to give this article a read since it deals ... Read More »

Taj Mahal: Unknown facts about this beauty you need to know

The heading might seem supererogatory because who doesn’t know about The Taj Mahal? What makes this blog different is that we’ve mentioned some of the unknown facts that lie behind the beauty of Taj Mahal. Being one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal has always been a poet or a writer’s favourite topic. Now go through the ... Read More »

5 Most Sensational Prison Escapes Of All Time

No one likes to be caged including animals and humans. But for certain things we do that break the trust of society, humans have to spend time in a prison. Being in a prison can be quite challenging and frustrating, which is why many convicts attempt to break free. The most desperate are likely to be convicts who have received ... Read More »