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Making tasty treats with full cream milk – PART II

Continuing with the guide on how to make tasty treats from full cream milk, here’s some more of the milk products that you can easily make in your home. Butterand Buttermilk–Yummy butter! It tastes so good that it’s difficult to resist. While the western world may claim it to be their own, the fact is that butter has always been ... Read More »

Fresh milk can help prevent asthma, say German researchers

The health benefits of fresh milk or organic full cream milk have time and again been revealed in many research studies. Now, a new research conducted in Germany has come up with interesting findings about the benefits of unprocessed cow milk. The research The research is highly credible since it was conducted at the prestigious Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich ... Read More »

How to establish the purity of milk?

Milk is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients that help ensure good health and wellbeing. However, these benefits will be available to you only if you choose the best milk brand, one that is purest and freshest and completely free from pesticides and adulterants. In the current scenario, adulteration in milk is a big problem. If you consume suchadulterated ... Read More »

How to identify the best milk brand?

There are dozens of milk brands out there in the market and it’s often difficult to determine which one is the best. When your and your family’s health is at stake, it becomes essential that you choose only the best milk brand that satisfies all your needs such as quality, taste, availability and a wide variety of milk and milk ... Read More »

Why you need a glassful of fresh milk everyday

Regular intake of fresh milk has always been associated with good health, vigor and vitality. Our parents and grandparents have always vouched for its immense benefits and have always recommended it. Moreover, there’s plenty of scientific evidence now to prove that fresh milk is by far one of the most nutritious, naturally available food. Here’s a list of the essential ... Read More »

Making sense of the toned vs. full fat milk debate

A couple of decades back, packaged foods were just starting to appear on the shelves of grocery stores. As compared to present times, these were still few in numbers and most staple foods still came in large gunny bags. However, times have changed, and now there seems to be an explosion of processed foods, as can be seen from the ... Read More »

Important bottle-feeding guidelines for parents

Dairy products meant for children such as organic full cream milk, full cream milk for babies, full cream milk for toddlers, etc. are quite healthy, as they supply a wide variety of nutrients including proteins, vitamins, essential fats, and minerals. However, there have been some cases where parents have complained about their child getting diarrhea after consumption of these products. ... Read More »

Calcium – one of the most essential nutrients found in milk

Calcium (Ca) is needed by the human body to perform a wide variety of functions. Most of us are aware of its role in building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Calcium performs various other functions inside the human body such as regulating heart rhythm, transmitting nerve impulses, enabling blood clotting properties, etc. With so many critical functions performed by ... Read More »

Why cow milk is slightly yellow in color?

If the yellowish tinge of your milk is making you wonder, rest assured that it is no adulteration, rather, a healthy attribute of most cow milk products such as fresh milk, organic curd, etc. The slightly yellow color of cow milk and cow milk products is due to the presence of beta carotenes, the compound that gets converted into Vitamin ... Read More »

Why some children don’t like drinking milk

Dairy products such as fresh milk, full cream milk for babies, full cream milk for toddlers, etc. are loaded with a wide variety of essential nutrients that play an important role in a child’s growth and development. These health benefits apply to both physical and mental aspects of a child’s growth. However, there are cases when a child does not ... Read More »