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Open a porn site, get a virus – Right?

The SimilarWeb published a report suggesting that, among the world’s 20 most viewed sites, three are porn related. Probably, the most common suggestion to avoid malwares is to avoid porn sites. But is that true? Does it really contain virus? If you’ve ever opened a porn site, of course you have, a lot of advertisements would have popped up. This ... Read More »

Why Dating Apps/Sites are more Popular these Days?

Like everything else, during the last decade, the dating scene has grown radically. People can meet a wonderful friend of their lives on these platforms, without anyone stepping a foot outside the door. This is optimal for those who have self-doubt or lead quite hectic lifestyles. All of this was facilitated by a wide variety of dating websites and applications ... Read More »

Why marriage counsellors are in demand now a days

They say marriages are made in heaven. But what if a fairy-tale-like marriage turns into a topsy-turvy tale after a few years, or maybe after a few months? It will be definitely a nightmare to the persons involved in the marriage, isn’t it? If they want their married life to be a peaceful one or just as they dreamt of, ... Read More »

Can A Hickey Kill You?

Hickeys aka love bites are the real evidence of an intense and passionate relationship. It happens when our animal instincts take over during love making and we tend to lose all control. Hickeys are especially common in a new relationship or among recently married couples. That’s not to say that there isn’t much flame left in a long-term relationship to ... Read More »

How To Get Over Divorce?

Divorce can be a painful and emotionally overwhelming experience, especially if it was not something that you were expecting from your partner. You might experience a range of emotions such as grief, shock, rejection, betrayal, embarrassment, and sadness. In some cases, people also experience trauma and depression. Things can become even more challenging if you have kids. A divorce can ... Read More »

What Is Platonic Relationship?

If we go by the technical definition, a platonic relationship is one where two people feel love and attraction towards each other without any form of sexual feeling or physical intimacy. Some people say that platonic relationship is just another term for friendship. However, that may not be true because friendships may involve romance or physical intimacy or both, even ... Read More »

How To Deal With Relationship Stress After Having A Baby?

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion and one of the most memorable moments of our lives. However, just like everything else, it comes with its own set of challenges for parents. This is especially true in today’s age when most people are living as nuclear families. The challenges can be even more if both parents have a ... Read More »

5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies

Fantasizing about romance and sex is something that is inherent within the human species. It applies to both men and women, even though the former may have a tendency to fantasize more often. Sexual fantasies are not very different from the dreams that we have, which is essentially a way to understand what we want and how to get it. ... Read More »

Who Enjoys Sex More: Men Or Women?

This is one question that most people would have their opinions on. However, as pleasure derived from sex is a subjective matter, people’s opinions are usually guided by their preconceived notions, biases, and things that they were told by their peer groups. Furthermore, there’s currently no scientific apparatus or formula that can quantify pleasure experienced by men and women. So, ... Read More »