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Working women’s sexual health needs attention: Plum’s study

● One in five women in India deal with PCOS, which is a leading cause of infertility ● Start-ups like Meesho and Darwinbox are offering IVF covers Bengaluru, September 7, 2022: As per World Bank data, since the COVID-19 outbreak, female employment in India has dropped down by 9% in 2022. Of the multiple reasons, an alarming concern is stress ... Read More »

A statistical understanding of the future of romance: Indian youths crown dating apps as the savior of their love lives.

Back in the day, people predicted flying cars and whatnot for the future. But did you hear anyone say, “Oh, you know what, dating apps will be the future of romance?” Not sure about the cars flying any time soon, but dating apps have become the most foolproof way to find love. On this note, QuackQuack, India’s most downloaded dating ... Read More »

3 quirky dating apps in India

Matchmaking has evolved dramatically in recent years. Some individuals feel that Indian dating services are an excellent way to meet new people. But it couldn’t be easier with an internet matchmaker. We’ve all heard how tough it is to find someone to date these days. There are several matchmakers available to assist you in finding love, but not all matchmakers ... Read More »

How To Get Full Custody Of Your Child?

Getting full custody of your child can be pretty tough, especially when there’s stiff opposition from the other parent. Moreover, there’s a growing preference among courts to insist on shared parental custody. Courts tend to encourage joint legal custody, as there’s strong evidence that both parents are necessary for the child’s proper upbringing. However, there may be situations when you ... Read More »

What Happens If A Woman Takes Viagra?

Globally, Viagra (Sildenafil) is considered as the most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is prescribed for people who may have trouble getting an erection or sustaining it for the required duration. While Viagra works efficiently on men, it makes us wonder what will happen if a woman takes Viagra. Can women experiencing low sex drive can ... Read More »

Couples and their changed Relationship dynamics post the pandemic

The pandemic changed everything yet nothing! Love and relationships have always been a dynamic play of contrasting and evolving opinions, but if there is one thing that saw a massive shift in the pandemic, it has to be an individual’s personal space. Confined into one house with restricted private space and time, fueled differences between many couples making them re-think the concept of ... Read More »