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Why People Break-up?

Most relationships start with a bang, where couples experience a range of emotions including everything from love to joy, happiness and bliss. During the initial stages of a relationship, most couples also believe that they were meant to be together and that theirrelationship will last forever. Many couples do make it together till the end and it makes for delightful ... Read More »

Live-in Or Marriage? What’s Better

It’s a great thing to be in love, as you experience moments that are among the happiest and most enjoyable in your life. For people in love, the next step is to start thinking about living together. Couples in this situation often face the question of whether to go for a live-in relationship or to choose the traditional path of ... Read More »

Which Countries Have Highest Condom Use?

Across the globe, condoms have emerged as the preferred choice of contraception as well as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms have a long history dating back to several centuries, even though modern latex based condoms were produced not before the twentieth century. Condoms are preferred owing to their distinct advantages such as affordable cost, easy to carry and use, ... Read More »

Don’t Let Money Problems Hurt Your Relationship

Having money problems is hard. Having money problems when you’re in a relationship is harder. Now you have to consider how the problem affects you and your partner. If you’re worried that your financial trouble is going to put your relationship on the rocks, here are three things that you should do: Address the Money Problem It’s not enough to ... Read More »

Choosing the Best Gift for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means that lovers everywhere are thinking about what wonderful creative, and often expensive gifts they plan to get for their partners. Valentine’s Day gifts can be quite lavish (Kanye West once gave Kim Kardashian a Panthere De Cartier Cuff worth $73,000!). But not everyone is interested in spending more than they can afford at ... Read More »

How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

While it’s important to trust your partner, you cannot afford to be in the dark. You have every right to know how things are unfolding around you. You should also not feel guilty if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you. You should instead try to find the truth. It’s better to face reality rather than being stuck ... Read More »

What To talk To Your Crush?

While looks may be the first trigger for attraction between two individuals, it’s your speech and communications that determine how the relationship will evolve. Often, we find someone very attractive, but tend to lose interest based on how the person thinks or talks. That’s why you need to be a tad bit careful about what you talk to your crush. ... Read More »

What Is Planned Obsolescence?

Planned obsolescence is the practice of designing products in such a way that it becomes obsolete or unusable after a certain period of time. The primary objective of planned obsolescence is to encourage customers to buy a new product instead of continuing with the old one. This is done to boost sales and reduce the time period between two consecutivepurchases. ... Read More »

Is It Okay To Date Your Boss?

Relationships can blossom between any two people and there are hardly any restrictions to it. But is it okay to date your boss? Well, the truth is that most people and organizations won’t recommend dating your boss. That’s because such relationships can adversely impact your career prospects. Here are some things you need to consider before going out on a ... Read More »

5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Just like everything else, relationships also evolve with time. While we desire for a peaceful and enjoyable time with our partner, life can throw various challenges that can impact our relationship. This is especially true in today’s fast paced and stressful world, where an increasing number of people are experiencing relationship issues. However, there are still couples who manage to ... Read More »