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How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

As you may have noticed, smartphones tend to get slower with time. Newer versions of Android OS such as Android Pie and Android 10 have inbuilt features to boost RAM and clear junk files. However, such functions are not available with earlier versions of Android, which most people are using currently. If your Android phone has slowed down, here are ... Read More »

What Is Li-Fi?

Short for Light Fidelity, Li-Fi refers to the technology of using light to transfer data between devices. While Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) has become the mainstay of wireless communications in the present era, Li-Fi’s full potential is yet to be unlocked. While Wi-Fi utilizes radio waves to transmit data, Li-Fi uses visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light to achieve data communications. ... Read More »

How Foldable Phones Work?

Foldable phones are yet to go mainstream, but they have generated immense interest among tech enthusiasts. After Samsung Galaxy Fold, several other foldable phones are expected to be launched such as Motorola Razr, Huawei Mate X, Energizer Mobile Power Max and TCL foldable phone. Reports indicate that Xiaomi, Oppo and LG are also working on their respective prototypes. So, what ... Read More »

HDD Vs. SSD – Which One Should You Buy?

Every timetechnology progresses, we are confronted with the challenging task of choosing between the old and the new. In the current scenario, we can see that happening in data storage technology. Not long ago, most laptops/PCs had HDD (Hard Disk Drive). But now, more and more computers are being equipped with SSD (Solid State Drive). For external data storage also, ... Read More »

Android 10 – What’s New

Android 10 has already reached Google Pixel devices and some other top-end phones. In the coming months, many other smartphones will get Android 10. Several new phones will come pre-installed with Android 10 whereas many others will be updated to Android 10. To know what’s in store, here’s a quick overview of all that’s new and exciting in Android 10. ... Read More »

Why Windows Hard Drive Partitions Start With C: Drive By Default

Even people with very little technical knowledge about Microsoft Windows Operating System would have noticed that partitions on a Windows PC start with C: Drive. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Why the first partition is not named A: or B: by default? Why Windows automatically assigns the first and primary partition as Drive C: by default? Well, ... Read More »

What To Do After Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 7 in 2020

Windows 7 has been one of the most popular and stable operatingsystemsdeveloped by Microsoft. Windows 7 offers a high level of customization and bug-free operation, which is why users like it so much. Some users are so hooked to Windows 7 that they do not even want to upgrade to Windows 10. However, in view of new and emerging security ... Read More »

Biggest Hacker Attacks of 2018

Even when new security systems are being deployed, hackers always seem to be a step ahead. This is evident in the hundreds of cyber-attacks and data breaches that occurred this year. To make you aware of the potential risks, let’s take a look at some of the biggest hacker attacks of 2018. Grid hacking: It has been reported that Russian ... Read More »

Top Tech Innovations In 2018

Technology is moving ahead at an accelerated pace and transforming our lives like never before. New innovations and products are being created every year, all of which aim to improve our everyday experiences. Here’s a brief overview of 5 of the most promising tech innovations in 2018 that are expected to make an impact on all of us in the ... Read More »