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Amazing Things You Can Do With Foldable Phones

Foldable phone concept has already been unveiled at Samsung Developer Conference and these futuristic devices are expected to be mass produced quite soon. If Samsung has done it, it’s likely that other mobile phone manufacturers will also be looking to tap this market. There’s huge potential as flexible display market is currently valued at around $2 billion. This is expected ... Read More »

How Cloudflare Is Helping Build a Better Internet

What started as a simple initiative to identify email spam has now transformed into a notable startup success story. Launched in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudflare continues to work on its primary goal, i.e. to help build a better and safer internet. It offers wide ranging services that seek to boost performance, reliability and security of websites and ... Read More »

How to Disable Automatic WhatsApp Backup on Android and iPhone

Despite the controversies, WhatsApp has emerged as a useful communication tool for millions of people. However, some of its default features can be irritating for users. One such default setting is the automatic backup of chats, which can be quite troubling at times. Just when you are focusing on something important, the automatic backup starts and your internet slows down ... Read More »

How To Know Your Computer Is Infected

If you notice that your PC has been acting a bit weird, it may have become infected with malicious software. Irrespective of whether the infection is partial or full, it’s always best to clean your PC using anti-virus and anti-spyware software. Here are some common symptoms that can help you identify that your PC has been infected with a malware. ... Read More »


Modern web browsers—Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari—do a lot more than just load websites. All of these have a “store” where you can download and install extensions (or add-ons) that will boost productivity, enhance your multimedia experience and even safeguard your privacy online Ashutosh Desai & Savio D’Souza | TNN Unlike Mac/PC software, extensions do not ... Read More »

How to Prevent Your Phone From Catching Fire

As mobile phone manufacturers race to outdo each other, the risk of defects and bugs has increased significantly. One of the most common defects noticed in recent times is the instance of mobile phones catching fire. Such cases are usually associated with an overheated battery, but other reasons can also be responsible for mobile phones going up in flames or ... Read More »

Will Your Phone Get Android Pie

Android Pie has been officiallylaunched and it offers several new features to provide for an intuitive, engagingexperience for users. Android Pie has quite a bit of ArtificialIntelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) coded into it, which will significantly enhance user experience. There arevarious other features such as the notch, improved Google Assistant, enhanced privacy, always updated apps, and no orange ... Read More »

10 Unique Amenities That Are Important Requirement fora Modern Apartment

Most residential projects have the usual list of amenities such as swimming pool, indoor & outdoor sports, children’s play area, jogging track, gymnasium, community hall, club house, in-house restaurants/shops, etc. Certainly, these amenities are a must-have, but the current generation wants a lot more to enhance their living experience. The usual list of amenities appears to lag behind, in terms ... Read More »

Why Choose Windows PC over MacBook

Apple’s MacBook is preferred by the elite, but are they really useful for everyday office work? If you ask experts, many of them would agree that Windows PCs are much better in terms of ease of use and general office requirements. Let’s take a look at some key reasons why a Windows PC would be a much better choice for ... Read More »

Apps That Can Save Your Life

The world as we know it has undergone phenomenal changes in the last few decades. It’s now a highly perilous world, where we constantly face the risk of injury or even losing our lives. It could be an accident on the road, a fatal health issue, a reaction to a medicine, mob lynching, riots, natural calamities, and various other developments. ... Read More »