*Director Onir Unveils the First Look for his Upcoming Film ‘Pine Cone,’ a Celebration of Love seen from a Queer gaze*

Director Onir, a maverick filmmaker and a strong voice for the LGBTQ community, has unveiled the first poster for his highly anticipated film, ‘Pine Cone.’ The film serves as a powerful advocate for true representation of the LGBTQ community in cinema coming from lived experiences. ‘Pine Cone’ is set to open South Asia’s largest queer film festival, Kashish, on 7th June, promising to captivate audiences with its layered love story of a Gay man as he navigates through love , loss and desire.

As an out and proud gay man, Onir has dedicated his career to crafting narratives that celebrate the LGBTQ community and their journey towards love, equality and acceptance. ‘Pine Cone’ is yet another remarkable addition to his portfolio, exploring queer desire sans filters while challenging stereotypes .

The first poster for ‘Pine Cone’ offers a glimpse into the intense emotions that engulfs the film. Painted as an art piece, it features the lead actors Vidhur Sethi and Sahib Verma in an intimate and tender moment, symbolizing the depth and complexity of the love and desire. With ‘Pine Cone,’ Director Onir continues to champion the LGBTQ community, reinforcing the importance of authentic representation in cinema.

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