Do Condoms Reduce Pleasure?

There are some questions that have no clear answer. One such discussion is whether condoms reduce sexual pleasure or not. These questions are tough to answer, as they are based on personal experiences. In case of condoms, the answers may also vary based on the type of product used. A wide variety of condoms are available in the market and their quality may determine the level of sexual pleasure. The various types of condoms such as ribbed, dotted, flavored, extra thin, colored, etc. may also have a role to play in sexual pleasure. Here are some factors that can help determine if condoms reduce sexual pleasure or not.

What women say about condoms and pleasure?

A significant percentage of women have said that they do not feel any difference between a condom and human skin. Some women have said that products like ribbed and dotted condoms help them achieve orgasms faster. It also becomes easier to achieve multiple orgasms with these products. Specialized products like extended pleasure condoms work even better, as they allow male partners to last longer in bed. Extended pleasure condoms are usually coated with benzocaine, which prolongs ejaculation.

Apart from pleasure, women also support condoms for their ability to reduce the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This is especially true for women who may have multiple partners. As is evident, there are several valid reasons why women appreciate condoms.

However, there are women who have opined that condoms are not as good as the real thing. The feel that comes with skin to skin contact is quite difficult to achieve with condoms. This is true even when the most premium thinnest condoms are used. Women also complain that they do not get the feel of semen inside them after their partner has ejaculated. According to some women, this is a major drawback of using condoms.

What men say about condoms and pleasure?

For many men, condoms are an unnecessary hassle. However, they have to use it to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs. In the middle of an intense foreplay, taking a condom out and wearing it properly can be a hassle. It can make them lose focus and affect their erection. Condom size is another issue, especially for men with relatively smaller penises. If the condom is large fitting, it can create layers during sex. This can reduce sexual pleasure for men.

As stated earlier, it’s quite difficult to determine if condoms reduce sexual pleasure. It’s largely a subjective matter, so there could be supporters for each argument. However, from a health perspective, condoms are currently the best option available. Sacrificing some pleasure is much better than getting diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease or getting into an unwanted pregnancy.

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