Does The President Wear Bullet Proof Vest?

Safety of the US President, other key leaders and their families is the responsibility of the United States Secret Service. The organization was originally formed to control counterfeiting. In addition to protecting nation’s leaders, the US Secret Service also protects financial and other important infrastructure.

100% security statistically impossible

It is apparent that the president is well-protected by a wide net of secret service agents. Backed by background intelligence and advanced equipment, the chances of the president being attacked is quite unlikely. However, such things have happened in the past in case of earlier presidents like Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

So, what options does the president have in case the entire security net is compromised? And what if the enemy has infiltrated the secret service? Well, in such cases, a bullet proof vest could prove very useful. A bullet proof vest can be the last line of protection for the president in case everything else fails. But does the president really wear a bullet proof vest? Well, there’s no official word, but possibilities exist.

Bullet resistant clothing

Standard bullet proof vests are quite bulky and easily noticeable. Based on public appearances of US presidents, it doesn’t seem like they are wearing standard bullet proof vests. In 2016, there were reports that Donald Trump was wearing standard bullet proof vest during election campaigning. It was claimed that the vest left his sweaty and exhausted. However, such stories did not go beyond speculations.

What can really work for the US president without unnecessary weight and attention is bullet resistant clothing. These are made of lightweight material that can resist bullets fired from small caliber guns. Such bullet proof clothing can limit the damage to injuries and prevent fatalities. Such clothing is already available for sale. The material can be stitched into any standard clothing such as shirts, trousers, jackets, t-shirt, suit, etc. They will look like any other standard clothing with the only difference that they will be capable of stopping small caliber bullets.

Space-age material

With the advancements made in science, it is possible that researchers may have developed an entirely new bullet proof material. Such material may be even better than bullet resistant clothing. It may have been developed specially for the president, other top leaders and their families. Such things are unlikely to be revealed officially. So, we can never be sure on such matters.

Considering that an advanced, lightweight, cloth-like bullet proof material can be really useful and practical, it is possible that the US president and other leaders may already be using it. Excluding sniper attacks, no one with a high-caliber rifle can really come close to the president. That leaves only small weapons like pistol and revolvers. And bullets fired by these guns can be shielded via bullet proof clothing. However, such things are unlikely to be made public anytime soon.

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