From Blueprint to Completion: Top 4 Startups revolutionizing the commercial design & build industry leveraging modern tech

The commercial design and build industry in India is experiencing a dynamic shift, driven by innovations in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). These technologies are transforming how commercial spaces are envisioned and constructed, allowing for immersive, interactive models that clients can virtually explore before any physical work begins. This not only boosts client engagement but also helps in spotting design issues early, ensuring more precise and efficient project delivery.

As per a recent study by Markets and Markets, The AR market is earmarked to touch upon UD71.2Bn by 2028 from 25.1Bn in 2023 at a CAGR of 23.2% whilst the VR market is expected to reach USD 29.6Bn by 2028 from 12.9Bn in 2023 at a CAGR rate of 18% underscoring the impact of these technologies on various sectors, including commercial real estate. As these advancements continue to evolve, the industry is set to provide more innovative, adaptable, and functional commercial spaces, driving sector growth and client satisfaction.

Here are the Top Startups revolutionizing the commercial design & build industry leveraging modern tech

Flipspaces :

Flipspaces is a Global Real Estate Expansion Management venture with End to End solutions for CUSTOMISED DESIGN and BUILD for Commercial Spaces. They have developed an in-house proprietary technology for VR-supported video walkthroughs (Link), a first in the industry and a proven game changer. It is instrumental in not only letting businesses visualize their site in advance but also critical for minimum variation in the estimated budget and timelines during the fit-out period. Apart from this, they also share the Client Application with your own username and password to check all the updates of your projects, be it your customized layouts, 3D Renders, Project Updates and more. For nearly a decade, they have successfully executed 700+ projects covering more than 7 Million Sq.Ft. space. Our cutting-edge technology, in-house manufacturing capabilities, tech-enabled project management & execution coupled with a huge team of qualified vendors – differentiate them from other competitors – as we deliver all services with supreme quality, quick turn-around time, and cost benefits.


Provider of SaaS-based VR-based visualization solutions. Its platform provides users with features that include immersive design presentations, real-time design communication, collaborative design reviews, and VR-enabled coordination meetings.


Provider of VR-based solutions for multiple businesses. It facilitates creating an interactive virtual environment to stimulate potential users into experiencing arenas and spaces that haven’t even been physically built like buildings, office desks.


Provider of a cloud-driven virtual tour software for real estate professionals. It enables users to build VR tours using drag-and-drop tools and allows clients to visit multiple projects remotely. The company also provides 360 photography services, 3D floor plans, and virtual tour development services.

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