How Effective Are Google Ads?

To get noticed in the vast ocean of World Wide Web, it seems wise to invest in some type of paid promotion. One such option that is probably the most popular is Google Ads. However, when marketers and businesses are putting their money, the question often asked is how effective are google ads. To answer that question, we probably need to look into the benefits and advantages of google ads. Here are some things to consider to better understand how effective are google ads.

Scalable – One of the many benefits of google ads is that it can be customized to suit your budget. Whether you have millions of dollars or just a few hundred thousand, you can always get the desired results. Of course, the more you spend, the more impressions and clicks you can generate. If you are short of funds, you can probably start small. You can gradually increase your budget, as your profits soar.

Measurable results – Unlike traditional advertising on television and print media, google ads are highly measurable. You can get a clear idea if your campaign is working or turning out to be a waste of money. Based on that, you can change the campaign metrics. Google ads has various tools to help you achieve that.

Flexibility – Google ads offer high level of customization for your campaigns. You can define your keywords, use ad extensions like images, contact numbers, focus on specific geographies and display ads on Gmail, YouTube and partner sites. Google ads also work to build brand awareness.

Faster and easier than SEO – While SEO may still be relevant, google ads work much faster. While SEO may take months to deliver results, google ads get to work from day one. You can start getting impressions and clicks on an instant basis. Google ads are also usually easier than SEO to implement. There is no need to spend endless hours in creating content, as required for SEO.

Dominate SERPs – Spend several years doing SEO and you may still not make it to the top ten pages of google SERPs. In comparison, google ads will allow you to be listed right at the top of SERPs. This makes a significant difference in terms of creating brand awareness and boosting clicks and sales.

Higher conversion rate – As compared to organic traffic, the conversion rate of paid search traffic is around two times higher. It can vary from industry to industry, but there’s no harm in checking if it works out for you.

Complements other marketing channels – Apart from search results, your google ads will also be displayed on other websites and social media platforms. Cookies can track user browsing and deliver ads accordingly. This will ensure a broader visibility for your brand across multiple channels.

Last but not least, it is worth considering that your competitors may be using google ads. As global paid search spending has consistently increased, it demonstrates that organizations are definitely getting some form of returns. Just run a keyword search on google to see what all competitors are out there trying to get ahead of you.

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