How Insurance Companies Will Delay Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

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Citizens of Houston know how frequently bike accidents occur, making them one of the most common causes of death in the city. Since it’s the largest city in the state, it’s natural to have a higher rate of accidents. It is also one of the cities in the state with the highest insurance payouts and compensations for the victims. Houston motorcycle accident attorneys are available for the victims to help them obtain a fair justified amount for their physical and property damage. However, the insurance companies are very well experienced in manipulating the opposite party into an agreement with compensation as low as possible and keeping them from filing a lawsuit. Insurance companies are mostly working for what’s in their best interest, and they never truly care about their clients either.

Here are a few ways that an insurance company can make a delay in your motorcycle accident claim:

Rejecting Liability

This is most expected, as they might try to deny that they’re liable to the victim and escape from paying the damages. Therefore, it’s best to have an attorney who comes up with a concrete argument that proves their liability and prevents them from paying any sort of financial compensation.

Avoiding Contact and Delay Tactics

Most of the time, the insurance company might start ignoring and avoiding meetings to delay the process. This can cause disturbance and frustration to the victim, and they will agree to a settlement just to get over the situation. This is a basic tactic that is used by causing as much delay as possible. Having an attorney makes it a lot easier as they know how to deal with and keep in touch with them until the matter is resolved and a fair settlement has been made. It’s less likely that an insurance agent will try to avoid a legal representative than a normal citizen, which will resolve the case as quickly as possible.

Claiming Lack of Evidence

Getting into an accident is a rare thing, and usually the first time, most people do not realize how or what evidence should be kept in their possession. In a motorcycle accident, you not only have to prove the damage but also that it was caused by the negligence of the other driver, a faulty spare part, or bad road conditions. After failing to get the rightful compensation from the insurance company, the victim files a lawsuit without proper evidence. The insurers make the most of this opportunity and easily escape by claiming a lack of evidence. They can also claim that the injuries weren’t caused by the accident by using your medical record and other information.

An experienced attorney knows exactly what is to be expected and how to respond to it. They can gather all the information and evidence that is necessary to prove the claim and get your medical and property expenses reimbursed. The experience of being in a motorcycle accident can be traumatic and can be mentally and physically painful for a very long period. Riding with proper safety and following the traffic rules can help avoid such experiences. However, you should be prepared for the worst and must consult an attorney after an accident so you can avoid all the tricks and tactics played by insurance companies.

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