How To Escape From Prison?

Prisons are to keep the bad guys locked up, so that the society can live in peace. However, there are occasions when prisoners find a way to escape from even the most fortified prison facilities, equipped with advanced surveillance and monitoring technology. While it’s mostly the bad guys that go to prison, it is possible that sometimes innocent souls may also get incarcerated.

It is also possible that one might get imprisoned while visiting an enemy country or accidently entering enemy territory. As you are unlikely to get a fair trial in an enemy country, the best option will be to try to escape from prison. In such a situation, here are some possibilities to explore in terms of how to escape from a prison.

Bribing prison staff – If you have access to funds, you can probably try to bribe your way out of the prison. Of course, getting money inside the prison may be difficult. But you can always ask someone on the outside to transfer the money. This will probably be the safest way to get out, without creating a major scene at the prison.

Exploiting weaknesses – Even the most secure prison facilities may have weaknesses. You just need to have patience and try to identify those weaknesses. You can identify guards that often sleep on duty, a fissure in the prison wall that can be broken through, ventilation ducts, rusted window bars, etc. These are just a few examples. There can be various other vulnerabilities present in the prison system. You can accordingly plan your prison escape.

Forged release documents – There have been quite a few cases where prisoners have walked out of jail by submitting forged release documents. You will probably need someone on the outside to get such documents prepared. It can be achieved by exploiting the corruption in the system, for example, paying money to get the official letterhead, signature copies, seals, etc.

Brute force – If you are in a group, or if there are a limited number of guards at any given point of time, you can attempt to overpower them. However, this method to escape prison can be risky. If the escape fails, you can be treated very badly in an enemy country. Moreover, your chances of succeeding in the next attempt will be reduced, as security around you will be tightened.

Tunneling to escape – This primitive technique can still work, provided it is executed in a planned manner. You can also combine it with corruption, wherein you can bribe the jail staff to look the other way. Depending on the type of jail, it can take several months to dig your way out of the prison.

Escape from outside – Prisoners are often taken outside to work on roads, railways, mines, etc. You can study the possibilities and accordingly plan your escape. You can also pretend to be sick, in which case you could be taken to a healthcare facility located outside the prison. With some outside help, you can plan your escape.

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