Sex During Pregnancy

Most couples wonder if sex during pregnancy would be harmful for their partners or the unborn child. While different opinions exist, most medical experts agree that sex during pregnancy is completely safe. This is especially true in case of women who have been examined by their doctor or caregiver and it has been ascertained that it’s a normal pregnancy. However, there may be specific conditions that may prompt your doctor to tell you to avoid sex during pregnancy. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that couples ask about sex during pregnancy.

Will sex during pregnancy hurt the unborn baby?

The baby is protected by the amniotic sac and the strong muscles that are there in the uterus. There’s also the thick mucus that protects the cervix from infections. So, the baby will not be harmed when couples have sex during pregnancy.

Can sex cause labor or miscarriage?

The contractionsexperienced during orgasm are different from labor contractions. So, chances of labor and miscarriage are miniscule. However, if you have a history of miscarriage or other related complications, it’s better to consult your doctor or your caregiver.

Is sex okay throughout pregnancy?

Provided that it’s a normal pregnancy and there are no complications, couples can have sex up to 7-8 months of pregnancy. It’s only in the last few weeks that sex is generally not advised. This is to prevent any unwanted complications. Also, a woman may not have the required urge to participate in sexin the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Is oral sex okay during pregnancy?

Oral sex is safe for most part during pregnancy. However, it needs to be avoided in certain circumstances such as when your partner may have an infection like herpes or HIV. For sex and oral sex during pregnancy, it’s always better to use a condom to avoid the risk of infections.

What are the best sex positions during pregnancy?

Women need to avoid lying down on their back, as the weight of the baby can put pressure on major blood vessels. The best positions for sex during pregnancy are lyingsideways, facing each other; lying side-by-side and entering from behind; and women on top position.

When to avoid sex during pregnancy?

Here are some situations when sex during pregnancy should be avoided:

  • If the woman faces a risk of miscarriage or has a history of miscarriage
  • If the woman faces the risk of preterm labor
  • If there is vaginal bleeding, fluid discharge or unknown cramping
  • If the amniotic sac has partially ruptured and is leaking fluid
  • If an opening has developed in the cervix, prior to pregnancy
  • If the placenta is at a low level in the uterus (placenta previa)
  • If there is more than one baby – twins, triplets, etc.

When to have sex after pregnancy?

Sex may not be possible during the first six weeks after normal delivery. This is known as the postpartum period and during this time, women do not have the desire for sex. The vaginal walls may also have gotten hurt during delivery, which is why sex needs to be avoided. Postpartum bleeding is normal and can continue for 4-6 weeks after delivery. Moreover, there are several other emotional issues, hormonal changes and breastfeeding and parenting needs that may prompt partners to avoid sex after delivery. In case of caesarian delivery, sex would be possible only after the surgical incisions have healed completely.

If you are not sure about something, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor or your caregiver. This is also applicable in case you are experiencing pain or discomfort while having sex during pregnancy.

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