Is It True That Marriages Are Made In Heaven?

Some phrases and sayings are expressed in a way that we truly start believing in it. One such proverb is ‘marriages are made in heaven’. It seems relevant, as there’s almost absolute uncertainty about who will be our life partner. We may have several relationships and meet dozens of potential life partners, but it’s never certain who we will eventually marry.

All these factors make us believe in the notion that marriages are made in heaven. But is it really true or just a clever play of words based on our unpredictable future. For answers, here are some important things to know in terms of whether is it true that marriages are made in heaven.

A though prevalent among unmarried folks – The concept of ‘marriages are made in heaven’ appeals more to people who are unmarried. Such folks tend to romanticize things and may believe in fairytale stories. They are more likely to believe in feel-good proverbs such as marriages are made in heaven.

In case of married folks, opinions may vary based on how the relationship has progressed. For couples that have found love and peace, they are likely to believe in the concept of marriages are made in heaven. But for couples who are finding it difficult to stay together, they will have pretty nasty things to say about this business of marriages are made in heaven.

Post marriage is where the real story begins – Even if we believe that marriages are made in heaven, it’s not the end of the story. Heavens may provide the start, but it will depend on partners how they take the relationship forward. And since a significant percentage of people face problems after marriage, it seems questionable as to why heavens will plan such negative developments in an individual’s life.

Karmic connection – Some people link the developments in our life to our past karma. It may be a result of our deeds in this life or earlier lives. This theory seems to justify why some marriages blossom whereas others end up in divorce or even more unwelcome eventualities such as mental & physical abuse, murder, etc. However, the concept of karmic connection itself cannot be proven via scientific analysis. It does seem to work based on our experiences, but hasn’t been proven scientifically.

Based on above factors, it can be said that it really does not matter if marriages are made in heaven or not. It may be true, but it is not something that we need to know. If we like someone and they also like us, that should be enough for a relationship to blossom. We don’t need the heavens’ stamp of approval for judging our relationship. Of course, one can always believe in it and express their gratitude for the good things in life.

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