MoEVing and Sona Comstar sign an MOU for data collaboration to develop drive technologies for the Indian EV industry

New Delhi, 31st May 2022: MoEVing, India’s largest full-stack commercial electric mobility platform, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd (“Sona Comstar”), a leading global automotive technology company, for data collaboration. This collaboration will enable the companies to develop technologies and design components suitable for various commercial electric mobility applications in India.

Sona Comstar and MoEVing are committed to developing cost-effective technologies to drive faster adoption of electric mobility in India. MoEVing has deep data intelligence around vehicle performance, driver behaviour, geospatial intelligence, and duty cycles. These are some of the vital inputs to a high-quality component design. Sona Comstar will use these data-backed insights to innovate and develop the finest products for its discerning customers.

Speaking on the partnership, Vivek Vikram Singh, CEO of Sona Comstar, said, “We are excited to collaborate with MoEVing, India’s leading full-stack commercial electric mobility platform. MoEVing would assist us with data-backed insights that will enable us to design and develop the right products for our EV customers in India. This collaboration is yet another step towards offering cost-effective solutions to drive faster adoption of electric mobility in India.”

Mragank Jain, Founder & CSO, MoEVing, commented on the importance of automobile technology in the electric vehicle market, adding, “MoEVing is a data-driven firm, and data is our primary strategic component. With our real-time data capturing of vehicle, battery, and driver behaviour, we can measure and improve vehicle economy and provide analytical insights into the whole EV ecosystem. The partnership with Sona Comstar is a great pride for us.”

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