Neetish Sarda- Unconventional Choices leading to Success

Neetish Sarda is a business prodigy who chose a different path in life. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs with a longstanding history of overcoming obstacles. His business aptitude comes from his family, but it’s his choices that make him distinct. While studying overseas, Neetish Sarda was exposed to a new work culture that was more dynamic and flexible than the one he has seen back home. This inspired him to become an entrepreneur and transform the long, dull rows of desks and cubical culture into a more vibrant and appealing working environment.

He comes from a well-known business family, and it was assumed that when the time came, he would take over the reins of the company. He did, however, want to build a legacy, and he had already planned what he intended to do next. Neetish Sarda believed in forging his own path and chose not to join the family business, ushering in a new chapter in the life of this young entrepreneur.

At the age of 23, Neetish Sarda founded Smartworks with one location in 2016-2017 and gradually extended to other cities throughout India. Smartworks has grown to become India’s leading tech-enabled, fully serviced Flexi space provider to Enterprises, with over 4.5 million square feet in nine important locations (Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad). The firm has witnessed a 3x revenue growth since inception and is the only player in the business to stay profitable for the previous three years, with over 95% enterprise clients.

Neetish Sarda is one of the youngest founder CEO of the largest flex space provider, with an exponential success rate and onboarding of large clients. Employees spend 8-9 hours at their workspaces, according to Neetish Sarda, and this environment is a large part of their lives and has a significant impact on their physical and emotional health. It is critical that these places be visually pleasant, and elements like biophilic design, amenities such as gaming arenas, rest zones, and much more are all contributing in building the workspaces of the future.

Neetish Sarda is dedicated to providing technologically advanced, safer, and employee-centric workplaces. Neetish Sarda’s goal is to not only build aesthetic workspacesbut also to give an office environment that will boost employee productivity and creativity. When the epidemic struck the nation and business came to a halt, Neetish Sarda decided to make the most of the downtime by making the workplaces safer and more digitally optimised.

Neetish Sarda is an inspiration to many young brains that aspire to carve their own path and solve problems in new and innovative ways. He believes that the corporate world is harsh, but that nothing is insurmountable with hard effort and the resolve to keep going. Neetish Sarda is a business leader who strives to create workplaces with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure for a smooth and unrivalled office experience.

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