Mumbai, 28th June 2024 – Noesis Capital Advisors is thrilled to unveil its highly anticipated report, ‘The Landscape of Branded Residences in India – 2024’, a comprehensive guide for the real estate industry.

Globally, there are over 1, 05,000 branded residence units spread over 750 projects. India commands a 3% market share of this. By 2027, the number of projects is forecast to increase by almost 60% to approximately 1,200 projects.

Global hotel brands such as Marriott, Accor, and Wyndham, as well as local domestic brands such as IHCL and Oberoi, are developing projects with partners across the country. Interestingly, the market share of hotel brands in such products is almost 80% globally, while in India, their hotel market share is 63%.

With the rapid ascent of India’s affluent population, India stands on the cusp of a substantial expansion in the real estate sector, with a significant portion of India’s affluent individuals poised to augment their luxury real estate portfolios.

While our analysis shows that the price premium of such residences globally is very high, in comparison, India currently sees a price premium of around 21-40% as per the market; there is no reason to indicate why this number cannot go up in the future.

Tier 1 cities such as Delhi and Mumbai are currently hot spots in India, while emerging Tier 2 cities are not far behind in demand. In fact, due to the lower price barrier in these cities, they are fast emerging as the destination of choice for many individuals. Delhi and Mumbai are currently home to 30,700 and 58,400 millionaires, respectively. Because there are many potential clients, most developers actively target these two cities when deciding their market strategy.

The report features numerous invaluable insights such as these for developers and owners alike when building branded residences. It covers everything from deciding who to partner with, to where the country’s upcoming locations for luxury and branded residences are.

“NOESIS has always been at the forefront of market research, particularly regarding hotels. With this report, we aim to help our partners find the best and most profitable solutions for developing branded residences,” said Nandivardhan Jain, Founder & CEO – Noesis Capital Advisors.

“The Indian economy is booming. It has never been a better time to invest in India than it is now,” said Vijay Bhandari, COO – Noesis Capital Advisors. “Globally, brands want to expand their footprint in the Indian subcontinent. With just 3% of the global market share of branded residence units, India is the perfect location to expand. We hope that our partners see the report’s value and can use it to their best advantage.”


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