Novuszilla bringing revolution in the system of Data storage with the network of Bitcon1

Novuszilla, an UAE and UK-based entity have launched its operations to provide a solution that has the potential to revolutionize a range of sectors where trust is needed among parties with misaligned interests. Novuszilla presents a technology that would have far-reaching implications for global trade, supply chains, and Healthcare – bringing standardization, alignment, and transparency. Working towards complete decentralization, Novuszilla is a marketplace for all virtual assets.

Novuszilla is working on digital solutions that provide MNCs with efficiency, transparency, and interoperability across integrated systems. The company believes logistics has been one of the most fertile areas for blockchain experimentation, illustrating both the opportunities and challenges in realizing the transformative potential of this technology. Novuszilla has partnered with the wake of bitcoin- ‘Bitcon1’. The numerous operations run by the Novuszilla would further run on the Network of bitcon1 and currently is used as a currency in the software provided to the MNCs. Bitcon1 does not have a single prominent creator or founding figure. There are a number of individuals who have been involved in jumpstarting its technology and associated business entities; Novuszilla being one.

The Novuszilla works together to build a community interested in virtual assets integrated with Web 3.0 and Metaverse. The Novuszilla team builds an all-in-one crypto platform, comprising of a virtual world which introduces you with the Metaverse. Blockchain is a one-go solution to eliminate third party and have the control in our hands. They aim to build a platform which gives you the best experience of Blockchain technology and let the world to be a part of it. Novuszilla’s NFT Marketplace launches celebrity NFTs meaning tokenizing their digital artwork and connecting fans to their favorite artists through the means of NFTs and cryptocurrencies providing the artists their deserved rewards and making it feasible for every fan to reach their favorite artist with their point of interest.

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