OVHCloud Web Hosting REVIEW – Worst Experience EVER

Read THIS Before You Choose OVHCloud For Your Website

If you are planning to choose OVHCloud web hosting services, we recommend you think again. You need to careful, as OVHCloud can cause irreparable losses. Based on experiences shared by (OVHCloud customer), here are some red flags that you need to consider before choosing OVHCloud web hosting.

OVHCloud can delete your entire website – It takes several years to build a successful website. A lot of people and several hundred thousand of man hours are involved. There are hundreds of thousands of web pages on a website. Imagine what would happen if you lose all your website data? And you don’t need a hacker to do that. The team at OVHCloud can erase your entire website in just a click. This has already happened with that has suffered insurmountable losses due to complete website deletion.

No prior warning – OVHCloud does not feel necessary to give prior warning before taking any action. For example, if there are some copyright issues, they won’t send you a warning note. Instead, they will simply go ahead and delete your website. This may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Copyright issues are common across the web and it can happen knowingly and unknowingly. At least a formal warning is needed before any action is taken. But folks at OVHCloud don’t seem to follow their own rules.

No response – OVHCloud does not believe in communicating with their customers. They will just write “This decision is final” and close communications permanently. You can continue to email them every day, but all you will hear is a deep silence. It shows the ingrained apathy that OVHCloud has for its customers.

No escalation matrix – There is no escalation matrix available with OVHCloud. Most decisions are taken by entry-level customer support staff, who may fail to understand complex matters. They will simply throw the rulebook at you every time you try to put forth your point.

Racial attitude – Based on responses received from customers support staff, it is likely that folks at OVHCloud have racial attitude. You may have to face a serious bias in the type of customer support services. They would have assumed you are at fault even before you say Hello.

No ethics or morality – It is possible that some terms and conditions of the agreement may have been violated. Happens all the time. But that does not warrant a complete deletion of a website. In such cases, the right thing to do is to disable the services till the matter is resolved from customer’s end. But OVHCloud chooses to delete the website as well as the account. Such actions may as well be labeled as ‘criminal’ in nature.

If you choose OVHCloud, you will be gambling with your money, your efforts, and your brand equity. A single mistake can result in complete deletion of your website and account. Moreover, you won’t get any backup of your website.

And OVHCloud will not give you any prior warning. The support team will stop responding and you will reach a dead end. Based on experience shared by, its highly recommended that you avoid OVHCloud web hosting.

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