Recipe: Poached Red Wine Pears and Duck Rillette

(Serves 10 pax)


1.8 kg Pears(10 nos)
2 litres Red wine
400 g Sugar
100 g Orange (zest to taste)
5 g Cinnamon stick
200 g Apple
20 g Mint leaves
500 ml Vanilla ice crem


  • Peel the pears and poach them in red wine, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon zest, until well cooked through.
  • Take the pears from the pan. Boil the remaining liquid to reduce it by half so that it’s syrupy.
  • Serve each pear with the cooled syrup, a slice of orange, and mint.
  • Accompany with vanilla ice cream

by Chef Sebastian Breitinger, VMSIIHE

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