Rustic flavors of North East at Gharua Exaj, Lajpat Nagar

The immense diversity of Indian cuisine is simply unparalleled, with every State having its own special ingredients, dishes and preparation methods. The cuisine of one such State that has caught the attention of food connoisseurs in recent times is Assamese cuisine. And serving it with complete mastery and authenticity is Gharua Exaj, located in Lajpat Nagar. The name ‘Gharua Exaj’ roughly translates into ‘home cooked food’, which is essentially what the restaurant aims to offer to its customers. The restaurant derives its menu from the wide variety of food items that are cooked almost every day by various ethnic groups in the region. It has been a consistent effort on part of the restaurant to use authentic regional ingredients in their freshest form and follow the same cooking methods, as have been the routine since many decades in the State of Assam.

Food & Drinks – The menu at Gharua Exaj features the choicest picks from Assamese cuisine. Rice is the primary ingredient, which is served with a wide variety of curries and chutneys. Assamese cuisine is especially rich in starters, comprising a myriad of tasty delights made from vegetables, fish, pork, duck, chicken and mutton. From the hills are the dishes that are prepared through fermentation and drying, and from the plains, the dishes feature an abundance of vegetables and a wide variety of fish. The dishes are prepared using exotic spices such as Maandhaniya, Moran Ada, Madhuhulong, Bhedailota, Manimuni, Masundari,etc. These spices are essential to achieving the unique taste and flavor of dishes served at Gharua Exaj. Some of the must try dishes at Gharua Exajwould include Khar, AlooPitika, Pork Fry, Pork with Oi-Tenga, Mutton Curry with Matimah Dal, Rou Fry, Pabda Curry, Bhetki Curry, IllishShorshe, etc. The restaurant also serves various soups, noodles, dal, momos, and fried rice. In beverages, one can have Assam tea, black tea, nimbupani, etc.

Ambience – The interiors convey a minimalistic look and feel, an indication that the focus here is on great food above anything else. Various handicrafts from the State of Assam adorn the walls as a well as a variety of antique lighting paraphernalia. The restaurant provides comfortable seating with cushioned chairs and the standard metal-wood dining tables. The simple, unobtrusive ambience makes one feel at home and allows patrons to fully enjoy the delectable Assamese delights served here.

Service–The restaurant is managed by a professional team, which ensures efficient and prompt service. The restaurant staff isknowledgeable about Assamese cuisine and can provide detailed information about the various dishes. This really helps since the menu does not provide any description of the dishes. The staff takes good care of customers and is quite interactive.


  • Monday to Sunday: 12:30 PM to 11:00 PM


  • D 28, Ground Floor, Opp. Bikaner Sweets, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi

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