Supporting 10000+ Artisans for 4 Decades, Unnati Silks is World’s Leading Sustainable Handloom Brand with 1 Million+ Customers

The good health and continued well-being of an organization are as good as its policies and people. 40 years down the line, Unnati Silks has carved out a niche for itself as being the largest provider of genuine handlooms from 21 states of India under one roof.

Why do you advocate handlooms? When Managing Director of Unnati Silks, DevenderLadha has posed this question, he very simply said, “I started my journey in Textiles with handlooms in 1980. The look and feel of handlooms, the celebration of India’s culture, and the belief about the potential it held impressed me sufficiently. So, when I started my own journey in Textiles, I seized the opportunity to strike out in something I felt passionate about.”

“At Unnati Silks, it’s about protecting Handlooms, ancient technologies which are on verge of extinction”

Elaborating on his life-changing decision he cites the following reasons for backing Handlooms.

Handlooms offer limitless possibilities in creativity. No two designs or patterns are exactly the same. Every creation is the translation of an idea on cloth that carries the toil and sweat of the handloom weaver devoted to his task.

“At Unnati Silks, we work on Organic fashion which is sustainable both socially and culturally.”

5000 years old Indian Handloom Industry is the largest sustainable fashion ecosystem in the world. Interestingly, handlooms that Unnati creates, mostly use vegetable dyes and colors that apart from being eco-friendly are also ‘skin-friendly’. Sustainability was always in our ethos and manner of functioning. Its recent popularity as a trend only gave us a label.

On a lighter note, Mr. Ladha says with a twinkle in his eyes, “Handlooms can never be boring.” And this belief reflects in our extensive range of Handloom Sarees, Handloom Salwar Kameez, Handloom Kurtas, and Fabrics.

Human Relations – our biggest asset

Human relations play an important part in any business. Says Mr. Ladha, “We have survived our many ups and downs in the journey for which we owe it. We are proud to say that we feel responsible for the well-being of the people associated with us – our staff at the Stores and online division, our artisans and weavers across the country, the people working at our different units. We are also grateful to customers who have been loyal to us in these trying times.”

Despite the recent lockdowns when business had virtually come to a grinding halt Unnati’s skeletal online staff resumed at the earliest opportunity to take orders and schedule deliveries to see that the craftsmen had livelihoods. Thus, weavers and their families could eke out a decent existence throughout the lockout period. And our customers could get what they desired despite the restrictive conditions.

Issues that matter to Unnati:

Fast fashion is totally bereft of logic. Fashion keeps changing every now and then at an undesirable pace. In the mad desire to be up to date or keep ahead of others, it is also consumed fast. Quality and timelessness of designs suffer leading to piling up at landfills and polluting of water bodies.”

For instance, Zara launches 24 collections in a year. H&M launches 16. This seasonal fashion coupled with high volume manufacturing is the genesis of Seasonal Fast fashion which leads to the ever-increasing demand for the latest products among the FOMO-driven Millennial and Gen-Z generations.

Whereas Unnati works on the Mantra of Timeless fashion which is beyond the realm of seasons and thus a product created 10 years ago byUnnati is still in vogue

Unnati Silks also has a safe disposal system. We suggest our customers make other uses of the products that they buy from us when they no longer wear them. Handlooms with their interesting designs and appealing look make for good curtains, bedsheets, covers for pillows, and whatever other uses they can be put to. Our old stocks go to orphanages, women welfare homes located around Hyderabad.

Sustainability is a sound idea to persist in and we wholly support it. Unnati Silks has always had a leaning towards the use of biodegradable packing materials, minimum use of plastic covers of desired thickness, and the like.

Asked whether he would like to convey anything regarding the fate of Handlooms in the coming years, he said though the Govt. had shown interest in recent years and the institution of Handlooms Day did show intent, he felt much more had to be done for this unorganized sector which contributed so much to preserve India’s rich heritage.

He had this to say, “Sadly a sector that has limitless potential has neither received patronage nor push to the extent it deserves. I do hope for better times and a major thrust in this wonderful segment of the Textile industry that according to the Father of the Nation Gandhiji, was a way to achieve self-sufficiency for the fabric needs of the country and beyond if only thought was applied in the right direction.”

You can shop an extensive range of Indian handloom sarees online, fashionable and unique kurtas online, Indian handloom fabrics, beautiful handmade dupattas at delivered right at your door-step anywhere across the globe. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours. Priority shipping and Express Free shipping are available. Unnati offers extensive customization options like blouse stitching, salwar kameez stitching done by highly skilled tailors.

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