TECHART, the global premium brand for personalising Porsche models forays into the Indian market

· TECHART to launch its first flagship customer experience showroom in Bengaluru, India

· Expansion plans in place to acquire northern and western markets post southern India

· R&D, manufacturing, and supply to be facilitated through Germany’s well equipped production centre

Bangalore: May 05, 2022- TECHART, the leading international premium refinement brand for all Porsche vehicles has forayed into the India market with an exclusive flagship store in Bangalore today. Driven by the highest demands on design excellence, extraordinary technology development competence and responsible attitude towards emotion and reason, TECHART is the specialist for refining Porsche cars and stands for some of the fastest, powerful, and yet everyday friendly sports cars.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Tobias Beyer – CEO, TECHART, said, “We are incredibly excited to bring TECHART to the Indian market today. Individuality is ingrained in our DNA, aligning to this core philosophy of TECHART; our products further accentuate the sport-focused attitude of Porsche models. Our entry is a strategic step with India being one of the future key markets for individualisation and refinement. This launch will help broaden our customer base and appeal to every individual who has a distinctive perspective on life. With today’s announcement we aim to enable our customers to showcase their unique individuality by utilising our exquisite aesthetic customisation options combined with athletic performance.”

To enrich the experiences of distinct clients across India, TECHART’s first flagship store in Bangalore will provide a complete spectrum of services such as full vehicle conversions, carbon fibre refinement, performance enhancements and handcrafting of individual luxury interiors. Bengaluru is the country’s sports car hub and a trend setter for customised, high-performance automobiles. The company believes in knowing what people need, how they behave, and what services and products can enrich their daily life. All TECHART products adhere to this unwavering standard in order to provide utmost flexibility of choice so the customers can experience long-lasting personalised driving pleasure.

Through this investment, TECHART is poised to position itself as the paramount refinement brand amongst Porsche owners in the region. The company will enable customers to reconfigure and optimise their Porsche vehicle to their personal liking with the finest products and services available. In addition, TECHART is branching into major metro cities around the globe enhancing client accessibility as well as expanding the service portfolio into electric car customisation.



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