Top 5 Killer Theme Park Rides

Who isn’t excited for an adventurous vacation with friends? Including a visit to the theme park in your vacation list is a must. But after going through the list below which consists of world’s top 5 killer theme park rides, you’ll give a second thought about the idea of theme park rides.

  1. Action Ball Cannonball Loop

The greatest embarrassment of New Jersey is the opening of the Action Ball Cannonball Loop in the last month. It is an enclosed water slide but with a loop. While the folks in charge of the park were testing it with dummies, they were completely dismembered and decapitated. Since it was constructed with a hatch at the bottom of the loop it was completely inefficient. Within a month the ride was closed.

  1. Mardi Gras Hangover

In this spring the long-awaited Mari Gras Hangover debuted at Six Flags Great America near Chicago. Standing at 100 feet tall, it claims to be the world’s largest loop coaster. This ride will send you backward and forward on 360-degree loops. Riders will find themselves hanging at the top. The adrenaline rushing through your veins will make your heart pound faster.

  1. Infinity Falls

Head to SeaWorld Orlando for spills and thrills and turn which is provided by the new Infinity Falls which is designed for 8 passengers. Initially, the ride feels smooth, but as it quicks up the combination of elements and rapids in the riverbeds disrupts the balance of the raft making it more thrilling. Being the world’s tallest drop, it will get you doused at least once.

  1. Steel Vengeance

In this Summer Cedar Point in Sandusky welcomes the world’s first “hyper-hybrid” roller coaster, Steel Vengeance. It is a world-record breaker with tallest (205) feet fastest (74mph) and longest (5,740) feet. It goes through a topple of 4 head-over-boots with a drop from 200 feet at 90 degrees. During the 2 min, 30-sec ride riders will experience weightlessness, change in lateral, vertical and longitudinal directions.

  1. HangTime

In the Summer of 2018, Knott’s Berry welcomed HangTime, a brand new steel rollercoaster. It will tower 150 over the Boardwalk area and sends riders to a vertical lift hill into a raised 96-degree drop which is the steepest in California. It will suddenly descend through 2,198 feet of steel track. During the night the structure comes to life, illuminating the Boardwalk area with colourful track chase lighting that follows the coaster as it moves.

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