Top 6 High Paying Travel Jobs For Adventurers, Explorers And Globetrotters

Exploring the world is probably one of the most interesting things to do on planet earth. However, due to professional commitments, the usual routine is home to office and back. Vacations for most people is largely a once-a-year activity. Another thing is that exploring the world requires quite a bit of financial resources.

While not everyone may be up to it, the ones who don’t mind taking some risks, can take up travel jobs to pursue their passion for travelling. Here are some of the highest paying travel jobs that will not only allow you to explore the world, but also turn out to be financially rewarding.

Expat jobs (Expatriate) – This is for folks who like to stay at a place over longer durations. It allows them to explore the land and its people in a more detailed and leisurely manner. As an expat, you could be living at a specific location for a few years and then shift to another country. Expats can be hired by private companies as well as government agencies. As an expat, you will have access to special privileges and perks that travelers usually don’t have.

Travel industry jobs – As a professional in travel industry, you can be tasked with various responsibilities such as coordinating travel itineraries for tourists. If you can gain fluency in foreign languages, you could get jobs at international locations as well. You will have to work really hard to reach that level.

Backpacker jobs – If you are young, healthy and love to travel, you can take up various types of jobs at overseas locations. For example, you can work as an artist or take up blue collar jobs depending on your skill set. On weekends and holidays, you can fulfill your lust for exploration. As compared to other travel jobs, backpacker jobs may have relatively lower pay.

Travel blogger / vlogger – As much as you love to explore, you can transform it into a financially rewarding career by working as a blogger / vlogger. People love to know about exciting travel destinations, which is where your blogs and vlogs can be immensely useful for other travelers. You can focus on various aspects such as sightseeing, food, local culture and traditions, festivals, travel tips, etc.

Sailor – There are immense opportunities as a sailor, as most of the world trade, around 80-90%, is channeled through sea routes. And this is unlikely to change as sea transportation works out the cheapest for most commodities. As a sailor, you will have the opportunity to explore various global destinations.

Bartender – Bars, restaurants and nightclubs at overseas locations often employ foreigners as bartenders. The payment is usually quite good and you may have the option of flexible work hours. Once you have experience, you can work as a bartender in any part of the world.

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